Saturn in Virgo: Lessons From Hygeia

September 15th, 2008 by Voxx

Seeing that Saturn will be in Virgo for awhile longer, I thought you all might benefit from learning a bit more about this placement.

For starters, the planet Saturn rules the bones, skull, teeth, and interestingly enough, the Ajna and Muladara Chakras (the 3rd Eye and Groin chakras, respectively).

The Zodiac Sign Virgo rules the intestines, nutrition, skin (via its planetary ruler Mercury), and the Svadisthana Chakra (the abdomen).

With these ideas in mind, it might be a good time to use the discipline (Saturn) to do something constructive (Virgo), such as get a medical checkup, or go to the dentist, and start taking better care of yourself.  To that end, I thought I’d share a story with you about how I recently paid homage to the ancient Greek Goddess, Hygeia, the patron of health and hygiene.

I decided to take my own advice (always a good idea when you’re psychic), and finally sought out someone I could trust with my health.  I started by going to Dr. William Dorfman (of Extreme Makeover fame).  My old friend Michael Thurmond (the trainer from EM), had suggested I give Dorfman a call, which I reluctantly did.

Nothing could have prepared me for the positive experience that unfolded as a result.  Of course, having the Moon in Capricorn crossing over my Ascendant must have helped.   I was scheduled to have an appointment with one of Dr. Dorfman’s dental hygienists and started getting nervous.

When I finally arrived at the office, I was pleasantly surprised by the cheerful and amazingly professional staff.  Of course, Dr. Dorfman was kind, and very informative — mapping out a course of care that would have me feeling and looking great in no time.  I was scheduled to return the next day.

When I returned for my follow-up appointment, I was introduced to a lovely lady named Iris.  I decided to unleash all my phobias and concerns, and found Iris looking directly at me with what I noticed were her piercing violet-grey eyes.  I could tell she realized she was dealing with someone who was overly sensitive (aren’t all psychics?)  Anyway, it didn’t take long for us to create a good rapport, for which I was grateful.

Working on physical bodies has to be a very difficult job, but still I really believe that a good doctor or healer is able to convey a sense of real concern, and make the patient feel as positive and comfortable as possible.  To that end, somewhere in between the chiseling and the nitrous oxide, Iris and I bonded big-time.  The nice thing was that we still had that rapport even after the nitrous wore off.  I had made a new friend.  Strangely enough, it turned out that I even knew of her son, and we shared a few other acquaintances as well.

It just goes to show what positive experiences can unfold from even such a tough planetary placement as Saturn in Virgo.  With this combination, doing one’s duty, taking care of business (including one’s health), can bring a sense of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction.

I suggest tuning in to your worst fears and addressing them consciously.  Then, just like that other famous goddess Nike, (the Greek Goddess of Victory) said — “Just do it!”

And of course, if you have the same fear of dentists that I have (as well as so many others), you need look no further than Dr. Dorfman’s office; and once there, make sure to schedule your nitrous session with Iris, for the love of your pearly whites.  Thanks Iris!

(By the way, this post is a non-paid endorsement … I just wanted to express my thanks!)

(Painting of “Hygeia” by Gustav Klimt)

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Full Moon in Taurus: 10/26/07

October 26th, 2007 by Voxx

19.jpgThe Full Moon will occur in the sign of Taurus at 9:51 pm (PDT) and 12:51 am (EDT), at 2:23 Degrees.

The Moon (also known as Luna), is considered exalted in the earthy sign of Taurus — a fact that lends more awareness of the preciousness of Life, despite its many ups and downs.Although Taurus is an earth sign, it is ruled by the planet Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Fertility and the Arts. It’s no wonder why many of us may feel incredibly inspired at this time, especially poets, musicians and artists.

A great way to celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus is to create something beautiful, create a sumptuous feast for yourself and your loved ones, paint a picture, enjoy music — whatever you choose to do, immerse yourself totally.The Venusian energy of this lunation offers a chance to heal and come to terms with harsher realities of life, something that many Southern Californians may need right now.

Full Moon Rituals: Read more about Moon Magick, and learn more about this particular lunation.Remember to join the Voxx Magickal Forum, and read more about the Esoteric Art of Astrology. I also offer classes on Basic Astrology as well, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Have a mystical, magickal day!

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Full Moon in Capricorn!

June 30th, 2007 by Voxx

hecate-blake.jpgThe Full Moon will occur at 6:49 PDT (9:49 EDT), and will be at 08:25 Degrees of Capricorn. No doubt you will feel especially emotional, as Capricorn is the exact opposite sign of Cancer, the sign which is ruled by the Moon. The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, and makes it a very intense time for all Moonchildren, in particular.

There is a great deal of craziness going on right now, with Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde at the same time! So pretty much everything is up in the air — don’t try to hard to control things, as it’s impossible to get a handle on anything right now. The best you can do is to try to accept what’s going on in your life with the best attitude possible. Once Mercury goes direct again on July 9th, things will start settling down, once and for all.

Other Planets Affecting the Full Moon Energy: With Venus in Leo, you may find yourself taking things too personally, and amping the drama of your feelings — chill out! Save your acting for the stage — speaking of which, with Mercury in Cancer, you’ll no doubt be aware of how good your memory is getting. Write some poetry while you’re at it! Release your fears, and don’t let Capricorn’s uptight influence make you too bossy. Are you listening, President Bush? (He’s a Cancer, you know.)

The Positive Side: You can get in touch with your more disciplined side right now. It’s a good time to start any kind of regimen to increase your stamina and strength.

The Negative Side: You need to lighten up already! You may feel irritable, vulnerable, and angry right now — violence is definitely on the horizon, so keep your temper in check. Also, this placement is strong for the occurrence of earthquakes, as Capricorn is an earth sign, and rules mountains (and the little goat creatures that climb them).

Final Note: This is a very powerful Full Moon, so try to wake up early and meditate on the full level of energy that can be tapped and transmuted to your particular magickal purpose.

Capricorn Keywords for Focus: Structure, patience, thoroughness, goal-planning, and strategy.

Cancerian Keywords for Focus: Nourishment, security, appreciation and family.

Candle Ritual Info: Use the following colours, shapes, and items in your ritual for celebrating the Moon in Capricorn. All items should celebrate the sign the Moon is in, which is Capricorn.

Colours: Black and Indigo (for Capricorn).

Shapes: Crescents, 10-pointed stars.

Other Objects: Horns, crystal balls, black scrying mirrors.

Talismans: The Devil Card (Tarot/Capricorn), garnet, onyx, obsidian and/or any other black or indigo-colored stones.

Scents: Myrrh, Onycha, Cypress.

Herbs: Comfrey, Solomon’s Seal, Belladonna (poison), and Snowdrop.

Trees: Pine, Cypress, Yew, Spruce, and Holly.

Picture Info: “Hecate” by William Blake.

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Mars in Taurus Sounds Like …

June 27th, 2007 by Voxx

venusSeriously folks, nothing more need be said that can better explain the sound of Mars in Taurus than this clip.

Update:  The clip of J-Hol and J-Hud has been taken down — Sorry! Do a search for it. It’s bound to show up again.

Mars is sheer power, and Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of the musical arts. Check it out. I dare you not to get chills down your spine.(Copyright Info: This clip was made last night when at the BET Awards show.) 

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19th Century Whale Killed

June 13th, 2007 by Voxx

“[In the train of Poseidon] the winds and tempest are silent and with tranquil song proceed the Tritones who bear his armour and the rock-like Cete (Sea-Monsters) and the Tyrrhenian herds [seals], and gambol around and blow him, saluting their king.” — Statius, Achilleid 1.55

According to news reports, a 50-ton Bowhead whale was caught and killed last month; however, what makes this story so unusual is the fact that the creature has been estimated to have been between 115 to 130 years old!

It’s bad enough to have lost such a magnificent whale, but to make matters worse it seems the only thing reporters are focusing on is the fact that the whale was discovered with a fragment of a weapon in its neck — one that was manufactured circa 1890!

The 50-ton whale was captured off the Alaskan coast, had apparently been hit with a bomb lance between its neck and shoulder blade, a fragment which was lodged there for over 100 years. It had survived for over a century with the 3-1/2 inch arrow-shaped object buried under its blubber, only to succumb during a similar, final attack last month.

According to John Bockstoce, an adjunct curator at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, no other finding of such an object has ever been as precise in helping discover the actual age of such a whale. Ordinarily, the calculation of a whale’s age is difficult to gauge by studying the level of amino acids in the whale’s eye lenses. Not only that, but it is an extremely rare event to discover a whale which is more than a century old. Still, there have been incidents of capturing whales that have been near 200 years of age.

The Bowhead that was recently killed has been estimated to have been born in approximately 1877, around the time Thomas Edison was busy inventing the phonograph.

Alaska Whaling Laws: The Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission allows the harvesting of up to 255 whales by 10 Alaskan villages for the next five years, so the killing of the whale is considered legal; however, it’s important to note that the Bowhead Whale itself is considered an endangered species, and I feel should have been spared this unnecessary death.

Especially haunting to me is the fact that this whale managed to exist for all this time, no doubt being careful to avoid humans. Still, in the end this ancient creature lost its life, and takes with it a small piece of history.

As a follower of the ancient ways of Nature, I respect all creatures, and although I am a Pagan, I don’t consider myself to be a “tree-hugging hippie”. Still, in this case the age of this whale, as well as the fact that it was on the endangered species list just really saddens me — even though the killing was technically legal, and will go towards feeding the Alaskan Indians.

I suppose the only thing I can do is what I’m doing right now — bringing awareness to another facet of the story, one that is not receiving the attention I feel it deserves. All i can do now is say a blessing for a majestic being that has been sacrificed to feed the needs of Man and his unceasing appetite.

Whales and Mythology: According to ancient Greek Mythology, the Goddess Amphitrite was the ruler of the Keta (aka Cetaceans), which were considered sea monsters.

Additional Links Regarding Whales & Mythology:

Whales in Ancient Greek Mythology

The Goddess Amphitrite

Greek Mythology Gallery

About Bowhead Whales: Wikipedia, Enchanted Learning, ACSON Online

19th Century Whale Captured (News Reports): CNN, Journal Now, The Edmonton Sun.

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