Speaking With the Dead: Psychics vs. Mediums

February 24th, 2014 by Voxx

My friend Paulette Cooper, (author of the new book, The 100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in America, 2014) was recently questioned about the trend of Psychics now claiming to also be Mediums, who allegedly “speak with the dead.”

According to a reporter, an increasing number of Psychics claim to be able to speak to the dead. I think it’s time for a good explanation, so that’s why I’ve decided to shed some light on the subject, from a professional Psychic’s point of view.

Paulette explained that she has noticed, “An increasing number of psychics now claim to also be Mediums, and offer to contact the dead. And more clients are demanding to talk to those who have passed over.”

Cooper has personally interviewed almost 200 Psychics, since 1996. She adds, “Twenty years ago when I started interviewing psychics, only those considered woo-woo called themselves a “Medium”.  Now most will contact your dead Aunt Tootie,” she said.

As for myself, I am a well-known Trance Medium, having channeled the spirits of such celebrities, as Elvis, Michael Jackson, and countless others — on live television for the BBC and other national tv networks, so I feel particularly qualified to explain the situation. (Note: In addition, I have been featured in Paulette’s book, for the second time, although this has no bearing on my personal, psychic opinion.)

In the interest of explaining what’s behind this Psychic Medium trend, I share my thoughts on this delicate subject, below.

Voxx: Is Every Psychic a Spirit Medium?

I believe the underlying problem is not that more Psychics are claiming to speak with the dead, but that more people are falsely claiming to be Psychic in the first place.

A true Psychic possesses certain God-given abilities such as Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience. A more intensified form of these two abilities enables a Psychic to act as a Medium, (formerly called a Trance Medium) receiving visions and auditory information from beings on what is commonly now known as, The Astral Plane.

It is not uncommon for “regular” Psychics to hone their abilities over time, and become more “Mediumistic” — able to reach even deeper levels of psychic awareness. 

The biggest challenge comes from trying to identify which people are truly Psychic in the first place. Once a person can prove their Psychic’s authenticity, it is easier to find out if the information they provide is true. Usually, this proof grows over time as a true Psychic’s clientele will experience for themselves.

People who pretend to be “Psychics” and/or “Mediums” are usually trying to make money by targeting poor, unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, such frauds get more attention — and more quickly, than the authentic Psychics. Mostly, because a great number of people tend to not want to divulge the fact that they actually visit a Psychic in the first place!

Popularity of Psychic Phenomena, Psychics & Mediums

In the last 20 years, the idea of Psychic phenomena has become increasingly familiar, and accepted by a wide range of the public, even a large cross-section of Christians seem to be open to the idea of speaking with the dead.

I attribute this need to “speak with the dead”, to the breakdown of the family unit. Years ago, people had the privilege of speaking to an elderly family member in order to get advice. With that option gone, it seems that many people seek to fill that void, in search of a connection with the deceased. I have shared these views with members of a popular Seance Meetup in Los Angeles, CA)

I think it is very important to first find an authentic Psychic (usually by word-of-mouth, or respected sources), and then ask them if they have the ability of a Trance Medium. Most ethical Psychic practitioners will answer this question honestly.

During the session, if the Psychic gives you incorrect information, then the client should end the session, and leave. Making oneself “open” to the suggestions of a fake Psychic is not suggested.

Psychics & Mediums vs. Mind Readers:

There is a trend for certain Psychics (whether real or not), to call themselves Mediums, when they are actually Mind Readers. Reading a person’s mind is a Psychic ability, and may sound impressive; However, merely reading a person’s mind (no matter how accurately it is done), does NOT predict the future.

What is already in a person’s mind concerns only the present tense. This explains the success of certain Psychics who have this ability, but are not Predictive Psychics. Therefore, an authentic Psychic may NOT know your grandmother’s middle name (which is already known by the client), but may be able to give an accurate prediction of future events, currently unknown by the Client, nor anyone else.

Example of a Mind Reader: If you and your now-deceased grandfather, shared a secret that only the two of you know about, a Psychic (or a simple Mind Reader) can retrieve this information from your sub-conscious mind, and impress you with it; However, this information came from YOU, because you are the only one left who remembers it.

This is the “trick” that most popular “Mediums” use to share info they receive from the deceased. It’s still quite impressive. And who doesn’t want to believe it, considering the great sense of relief and consolation gained as a result?

Quite frankly, it’s my experience that mere Mind Readers make people more happy than actual Psychics, who more often have serious and/or distressing information to share, regarding reality.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from receiving solace, but trying to educate people regarding the difference between Real Psychics, as opposed to gifted Mind Readers vs. Faux/Psychics/Mediums.

I feel this info is really important to share, as the charlatans who people the field of spirituality make it increasingly difficult for us real ones to be taken seriously. I plan to write more about the subject soon. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

You may publish this post by written permission only. Thank you. Contact me at voxx (at) voxx (dot) org.


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Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain: We Still Miss You

February 21st, 2009 by Voxx

Manic Expressive, Copyright Voxx.Org 2009Today marks what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 42nd Birthday. It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost been 15 years since Kurt died, so tragically young at the age of 27.

I’ve been working on interpreting Kurt’s Astrology Chart, delving into the mystery as to what was really behind his suicide — if in fact, it was, one. It’s definitely a bizarre chart, full of hope, promise and even offers insight into his seemingly, unavoidable crash-and-burn.

Kurt never was one to burn out OR fade away. Instead, he chose to go out like the wild human Supernova he truly was. Still, his fiery ghostlight echoes, reaching the furthermost edges of our Messyverse — reminding the most distant of aliens, that once upon a time, there lived a beautiful yellow giant star named Kurt. May his light always shine for eyes to see, even when those eyes are blind with tears.

LVX and PAX,

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Psychic Signals: Death of a Friend

May 21st, 2007 by Voxx

s_moon.jpgSometimes people ask me what it’s like to be Psychic, or how I first knew I possessed this ability. Rather than go into my whole history (which will be published in book form at some point), I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into how I pick up what I call “Psychic Signals”.

Psychic Intuition vs. Prophecy: First, it’s important to note (especially for the skeptics out there), that being Psychic rarely comes with the alleged “Nostradamian” delusions of impending doom that many have come to associate with Prophecy. I’ll leave my experiences with true Prophecy for another post.

Psychic Signals: To illustrate the most recent example of a Psychic Signal I received recently, I’ll share a story with you that happened to me recently.

Receiving a Psychic Signal: Preliminary Psychic Event – All of my Psychic Signals start with what I term a “Preliminary Psychic Event”; in this case, the PPE occurred on May 11th, 2007 when I went to listen to an in-store performance by Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborelli, of the music group Postal Service).

As I hung out in the store, I wandered over to the Experimental Music section checking out the John Zorn section. I then moved to a section and noticed the name of an artist I’d heard of before, but had never checked out, whose name was Derek Bailey. I looked through the collection of his CD’s and mentally noted him in my mind as someone worth checking out at some future time.

Secondary Psychic Event: On May 18th, 2007 (7 days later), I went to Border’s Books at Vine and Sunset and started reading a musical biography of an old friend (a famous experimental jazz guitarist) who was murdered. While reading the book, I discovered that my deceased friend had gotten married on May 18th — the day I was reading his biography. I took another mental note.

Random Psychic Elements: Sometimes, other seemingly unrelated influences come up that seem to act as an Emotional Intensifier (to what eventually becomes what I term, The Final Psychic Signal, or Psychic Culmination Event). In this case, the Emotional Intensifier it turned out to be music.

Specifically the artist whose music I’d been listening to, almost exclusively for the last two weeks, which turned out to be the late, great Elliot Smith. As some of you may know, Elliot died as a result of two stab wounds to the chest. (The circumstances of his death have never been completely solved, and neither was the death of my other deceased friend/guitarist.)

Psychic Sifting: This takes place when my subconscious mind starts creating what I call a “Psychic Sediment”. It seems that the two (seemingly separate) Psychic Events get mixed in with what I term, “Random Psychic Elements”. Then what happens, is I become aware that my mind continuously repeats certain thoughts, much like a tape loop, which I call “The Psychic Loop”. Here’s an example of the experience of the PL.

“Electronic music (Dintel gig) … Derek Bailey (experimental guitarist) … music … experimental music … musician … guitarist … Elliot Smith … death by stabbing … knives … blood … May 18th (murder of friend) … death … electronic music … Derek Bailey …” Hopefully, you see what I mean.

poolePsychic Signal (Final Culmination): Saturday, May 19th, 2007, I went to a coffee shop and picked up the Los Angeles Times newspaper. I happened to look down at the bottom of the page to see news that shocked me, but shouldn’t have.

For there, at the bottom of the page I read words which punched me in the face. I read the news that another old friend had died! That friend was Rod Poole, an English experimental guitarist, whom I hadn’t seen in several years. Here are the circumstances of his untimely death: He was stabbed with a knife — murdered in cold-blood. He was killed in front of his wife, on May 13th, 2007.

Five days later, (May 18th, 2007), I received what I term The Second Psychic Event), while reading about the murder of another old friend, who also happened to be an experimental music guitarist.

As I read the entire article devoted to Rod’s untimely passing, I came upon this section of the article, which read:

” … Poole was a highly unusual guitarist, equally drawn to the distorted sound bombs of Jimi Hendrix and the spontaneous microcosmic tracings of [get this ...] Derek Bailey. [Greg Burk, Author, (LA Times)" [Read the rest of the article here, or at the LA Times.]

So there you have it. A tiny glimpse into the mind of a Psychic, and how I received intuitive information that carried a great deal of detail. It’s not like I just had a “bad feeling” that something was going to happen. Every detail of the impending death of my friend was contained in the Psychic Loop! Experimental music; guitarist; death; stabbing; murder — even the date of May 18th — it was all there in the Psychic Loop that had been playing in my head for up to two weeks. This is an example of a complete Psychic Reception of what became documented in a public newspaper in less than 24 hours, after receiving the Preliminary, Secondary and additional Random Psychic Events, plus the additional elements that created the Psychic Loop, which resulted in the Psychic Culmination Event — the prophecy made reality.

Preventing Tragedy Via Psychic Signals: Now all that remains is to wonder if I could have prevented the death of my friend. That is the part that baffles most critics of Psychic Phenomena. There are those of you who would like to ask me, “If you knew about your friend’s death, why didn’t you/couldn’t you prevent it?” Good question. The answer is simple. And only God knows it.

In time, maybe Psychics will learn to piece together the information we gain and be more able to prevent tragedies from occurring. Doctors know there are diseases — and sometimes even know the traits and signs of those most likely to afflicted with an illness — yet, still there seems to be no surefire way to predict and avoid death. At such moments, I just simply accept my Psychic ability and the emotions that sometimes attend it. I am humbled by the fact that the Universe deems to show me the interconnectedness of all beings, things and states, and I am thankful for that knowledge and spiritual experience.

After reading this post, I’m sure there are some of you who will start to recognize that you have been getting Psychic Signals for a long time, without realizing it.

Psychic Signals or Synchronicity: There are others of you who may decide to term these type of occurrences as “Synchronicity”. Call it what you will, Carl Jung was a Psychic who used the Tarot and Occult Symbology in his writings. I believe that Jung’s terming of Psychic phenomena as “synchronicity” was a way of protecting his professional standing in the more respected field of Psychology, which is understandable, considering the common attitudes of society regarding anything hinting of the Supernatural.

Condolences: In any case, an old friend — a respected young musical pioneer is gone from the earthly plane of existence. I hope you will all take the time to say a prayer for the soul of Rod Poole. Listen to his music. Learn from it. Enjoy it. It is his legacy to us all.

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Day of Remembrance

April 20th, 2007 by Voxx

Blake-Jacob's Ladder.jpgAnniversary of the Waco Texas Tragedy: Today is the anniversary of two separate tragedies, one of which exists as a mirror image of the other — I am speaking of The Waco Texas Tragedy that occurred on April 19th, 1993, which involved The Branch Davidian Church. The church was founded by David Koresh (Vernon Wayne Howell).

Anniversary of the Oklahoma Bombing: The other tragedy which occurred on the same (April 19th) in 1995, when American soldier, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building, in Oklahoma City, crime for which he was later executed on June 11, 2001.

According to historic interviews with McVeigh, the bombing took place as his personal protest against what he felt to be the US Government’s involvement in the incident at Waco, Texas.

Astrological Ramifications: I find it interesting, but not surprising that so much violence tends to occur during the Astrological time period under the rulership of Aries, the sign of the Ram. Aries the (also known as Ares) is the Roman God of War, Bloodshed and Violence.

Beginning in 1993, there has been an increasingly numerous amount of massacres of innocent people in the United States, due to the personal religious and social philosophies of eccentric individuals like Koresh, McVeigh and others.

In the meantime, let us remember the innocent and the fallen who were unwitting victims in these national tragedies.

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Friday The 13th

April 14th, 2007 by Voxx

superstition.jpgBeing as today was Friday the 13th, I decided to do a Tarot Reading (using, as always — The Book of Thoth Tarot). I asked the Psychic reason for the phenomena known as Paraskevidkatriaphobia, in other words, Fear of Friday the 13th. The former syndrome is somewhat related to Triskadecaphobia, an irrational fear of the Number 13.

The Tarot Reading: The cards I pulled were 1) The Sun; 2) The Ace of Cups; and 3) The 3 of Swords; 4) The top card was 7 of Disks; and 5) The bottom card was the Queen of Wands.

Tarot Translation: The Sun card indicated that the fears are exaggerated and overblown; The Ace of Cups shows the linking of the Divine Feminine (Cups) with the fear of the 13 Lunar Months, representing the female fertility cycle; and the 3 of Swords again shows this fear creates its own misfortune by worry and the power of rumor. The 7 of Disks shows that the fear of this number (especially when it falls on a Friday), causes people to hesitate to start any new venture at this time. Funny, since 13 is the number of fertility! The Queen of Wands tends to back up my assumption, as the real fear of this card is linked to the Goddess and her power of creation.

I then asked if Paraskevidkatriaphobia was Christian in origin and received the 8 of Disks as an answer. This shows this information has been written about, and projected as fact. This answer showed the foundation of this irrational fear originated from these two situations: 1) The destruction of Constantinople; and 2) The martyrdom of Jacques DeMolay at the hands of King Phillipe of France.

I then asked if either Paraskevidkatriaphobia was Pagan in origin and received Fortune (The Wheel) as an answer. This showed there was no Pagan foundation to this belief — actually, quite the opposite!

My final question was if people should really worry about Friday the 13th, and the answer was: The Magus, in essence, no — people should not allow the fear of Friday the 13th to affect them in a negative way. The reading also intimates to me that those who actively fear the date Friday the 13th, tend to create their own misfortunes.

For more info on the origins of the idea of bad luck on Friday the 13th, and check out what Wikipedia has to say about the subject. Feel free to check out my Magickal Forum and post your own experiences with Metaphysics and Magick.

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