Welcome President Obama: As I Predicted!

January 21st, 2009 by Voxx

presidentobamaWell, we did it. We finally elected a man who cares about our country, and wants to bring it back to the respected nationa it once was. I’ll be posting the Astrological info about Barack, as well as the requisite charts, aspects, numerology and more!

In the meantime, let me bask in the glow of being the only Psychic who accurately predicted Obama’s mandate win, on record — before he actually won! I’m very excited for the coming years, with Barack Obama at the helm. May he accomplish his true will by guiding all Americans to a brighter future.

Read the Voxx Presidency Prophecy (with links)

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The Voxx Show: Free Psychic Readings at 9PM (PST)

March 20th, 2007 by Voxx

Remember to tune in tonight, Monday night at 9:00 pm (PST) for: The Voxx Show!

I host a live, call-in Psychic internet radio show where I give free Psychic Readings, sharing lots of interesting info on a variety of subjects regarding Magick, and occasionally feature Special Guests.

Subjects I regularly talk about are Thelema, Witchcraft, Rituals, Goetia (Spirit Evocation), Angels, Astrology, Qabalah — you name it!

To Listen Live @ 9PM, Click Here!

Special Guests: If you’d like to be considered as a Special Guest on the show, let me know your background and what special topics you are experienced in.

Voxx Show Sponsorships: If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this increasingly popular show, please contact me for more info.

Call me directly during the show and ask a question at: 323-284-5166

OR Skype me by my Username: voxxpodcast

If you miss the Live Broadcast, you can always check it out later on my, Archived Podcasts.

Until then, go ahead and register on the Voxx Magick Forum, and start posting, see you there!

Please tell your friends about the show!

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Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 1/8/07

January 9th, 2007 by Voxx
  • Caller #1: Carol, (Born 4-21-67). Should she relocate to teach Yoga? Voxx helps her make a plan regarding her career.
  • Major Planetary shifts; Moon in Virgo (Waning).
  • Happy B-Day: Marilyn Manson, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Jimmy Page.
  • Caller #2: Alvin, (Born 7-12-64). What are his Astrological trends?
    Regular Client’s life improves, thanks to Psychic advice; Love Life predictions.
  • Psychics: How they work.
  • Caller #3: Steve, (7-3-75). What’s the result of his custody battle?
    The caller ignored intuition that resulted in a tragic situation. His ex-wife has threatened to murder the children and commit suicide!
  • Caller #4: Stephen, (7-11-82). What should he do about his career?
    Attack of the Cancer men! Voxx’s counsels the caller on security issues and how to manifest his dream job while dealing with the need to please his mother.
  • Spiritual Communism: What you get when you settle for less.
  • The Britney Spears’ Backwards Maturity Plan.
  • 10 of Wands + Queen of Disks = Frustration.
  • My Psychic Expertise.
  • Seances & Talking to the Dead: They always say the same thing!
  • Predictions for Steve Jobs and Apple: Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speech Address; the iPhone — does it exist? The Beatles’ iPod Predictions and the role of Yoko Ono.
  • Jobs, Gates, Water Signs & the Success of the Internet.

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