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This is a page devoted to my personally written Lyrics, Poetry and Music that was channeled by Divine Spirit and/or Angels. I know it sounds strange, but I’ve been writing lyrics, poetry and music since I was 5 years old. I started out quite young. I will add to this list over time, with details about each song, and links to performances as well.

I always wound up writing the music and the lyrics, as well as the arrangements instantly, most times in the very process of recording them.

1) Any Old Road:
By Voxx Voltair, © 1983
One of the first songs I channeled, was a gospel song, when I was not yet 15. I had a vision while I was playing the piano, and just started singing in a way that was quite shocking to me. The vision was of an older black woman, whom I later learned was Mahalia Jackson. I found out that she had just died, the day before I wrote this song. Strange, but true. The arrangement has never changed by a single note. Check out the link here:

Any Old Road
By Voxx Voltair © 1983
All Rights Reserved, Published by Godsend Music, ASCAP

It may be winding
This road I travel
The sun may be blinding
The way may be gravel

The goin’, it may be tough
That’s okay by me
The road, it may be rough
It don’t matter you see

‘Cos any old road that I roam
Any old road that leads me home
Any old road will do
If any old road leads me to you

The trees may be bending
From some raging storm
The leaves that they’re spending
At night, keep me warm

The wind may be blowin’
The snow may be cold
It’s seems I’ll keep goin’
Until I grow old


Oh, well the earth may shake
And the rivers may flood
But, some sweet day, I know I’ll wake
And be with you, my flesh and blood

So let me be lonely
As long as I must
My faith will console me
In God, I put my trust

To keep me from harm’s way
So that I may see
Your precious face — someday
Lookin’ at me

From the end of the road that I roam
From the end of the road that leads me home
At the end of the road, it’s true
I will be home sweet angel, with you

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2) Hack:
By Voxx Voltair, © 2003
I psychically channeled this song on the Full Moon of November 22, 2003. I found out years later, that this date was actually Ludwig Von Beethoven’s real birthdate. I literally sat down at the piano, and my friend turned the recording machine on, and this song was born instantly, in one take.

Again, a hallmark of channeling music seems to be that the arrangement never changes by a single note. It is also obvious that the lyrics to “Hack” are essentially written in computer code. This was automatic, and done before I ever knew how to do any basic computer coding whatsoever! The styles are completely different. These songs certainly do not sound like they were written, nor performed by the same person. But, they were. I hope you enjoy them.

Check out the link here:

By Voxx Voltair © 2003
All Rights Reserved, Published by Voxx Voltair Music, ASCAP

you know the code
from sensory overload
[delete] [system down]
[do not save]
[file cannot be found]

you know the code
from century overload
[delete] [system down]
[do not save]
[file cannot be found]

my system memory
your [password]
cannot access me

i love the hack
his fingers know how to attack

i love the hack
his fingers know how to attack

something’s inside me
beside me
…something’s inside of me

i love the hack
i love the hack
i love the hack

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