Psychic Music

Psychic Music, Channeled by Voxx

This is a page devoted to my personally written Music and Vocals that were channeled by Divine Spirit and/or Angels. I know it sounds strange, but I’ve been writing music since I was 5 years old. I started out quite young. I will add to this list over time, with details about each song, and links to performances as well.

I always wound up writing the music and the lyrics, as well as the arrangements instantly, most times in the very process of recording them.

1) Any Old Road:
By Voxx Voltair, © 1983
One of the first songs I channeled, was a gospel song, when I was not yet 15. I had a vision while I was playing the piano, and just started singing in a way that was quite shocking to me. The vision was of an older black woman, whom I later learned was Mahalia Jackson. I found out that she had just died, the day before I wrote this song. Strange, but true. The arrangement has never changed by a single note. Check out the link here:

2) Hack:
By Voxx Voltair, © 2003
I psychically channeled this song on the Full Moon of November 22, 2003. I found out years later, that this date was actually Ludwig Von Beethoven’s real birthdate. I literally sat down at the piano, and my friend turned the recording machine on, and this song was born instantly, in one take.

Again, a hallmark of channeling music seems to be that the arrangement never changes by a single note. Check out the link here:

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