Nicole Richie — Hexed?

January 5th, 2007 by Voxx

nicolerichievoodoodoll 1 2 3Is there a curse on Nicole Richie? She certainly seems to think so!

According to a recent news report, celebutante Nicole Richie has supposedly paid a West Hollywood Spiritualist to do a Ritual Cleansing of her home. Apparently, Richie has become convinced that she is under magickal attack, and has been cursed with a hex. The Spiritualist performed a two-hour ritual, using a combination of incantations and sage-burning to release Richie from the supposed curse, according to certain sources.

Celebrity Virgo: Nicole, a Virgo born on September 21, 1981, is considered by her friends to be very superstitious, and is an ardent believer in supernatural and psychic phenomena. Members of her close circle of friends state that Nicole is very sensitive and would never project any negativity upon anyone — let alone cast a hex on anyone herself.

Suffering Through a Solar Eclipse: Poor Ms. Richie isn’t under psychic attack, she’s just feeling the awful effect of a recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo. As a trained Astrologer, I recognize that as a late-degree Virgo, Nicole has no doubt been adversely affected by the Solar Eclipse that occurred last September 23rd, 2006. For those of you who’d like to know what Astrology has to do with it …

This debilitating aspect would have conjuncted Nicole’s Sun within 1 Degree, and have wrought havoc in her life. Virgos were most seriously affected by that particular eclipse, the repercussions of which will last until at least February 19th to March 21st, 2007. Nicole could have saved herself a lot of money by being less paranoid about hexes and paid more attention to her Astrological chart! And what about the state of Nicole’s health?

Nicole’s Obsession: On a related note, Nicole’s obsession with staying thin is a direct result of her Sun in Virgo, which makes her extremely susceptible to obsessive-compulsive disorders. Also, she has Moon in Cancer, which makes her weight fluctuate wildly. Combine these planetary aspects with Mercury and Saturn in Libra, and she becomes very controlling about her appearance, and will do what it takes to keep herself attractive.

With Venus in Scorpio (in its detriment), it’s more likely that Nicole eats a LOT, and forces herself to purge soon afterward — a classic case of Bulimia. You never see a true Anorexic eating any food; however, Bulimics don’t mind being caught eating, as it assuages the belief that at least they are eating — even if they don’t keep it down.

Maybe someone will forward this post to Nicole so she can learn a bit more about herself and stop worrying about whoever is hexing her. I think it’s safe to assume that the only enemy she truly faces at this point is herself. I hope that this information will help any of my readers who may share similar planetary placements — and I sincerely hope Nicole will find peace and happiness in the coming year.

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  1. unforgiven

    i thought when i saw nicole in news papers that she is going through a psychic attack , it could be jealousy around her and all the negativity of the media that could do that to her and all the drugs she is using

  2. Tammy Olson

    We become what we think about most. In creating her reality, Nicole is externalizing her inner thoughts about curses she has placed on others. If she really looks within, she will find that she is her own worst enemy.

  3. joe

    1500 for a two hour ritual cleaning of her house, mabey she is vexed, err hexed. well, at lest she’ll feel more comfortable with the new smell’s and clean atmosphere invading her home. and who can really put a price tag on That expirence. plus, she can afford it, no?

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