Holy Guardian Angel: A Simplified Ritual for Contact

January 12th, 2007 by Voxx

s art 1I was recently contacted on my new Magickal Forum by a young man who was interested in obtaining the name of his Holy Guardian Angel (in magickal circles usually abbreviated as the HGA).

There are numerous methods for contacting the HGA, some of which involve years of Qabalistic study and occult scholarship, such as the famed ritual of the ancient Mage, Abramelin, which promises the Magician the “Knowledge and Conversation” of ones Holy Guardian Angel. This method necessitates the seeker isolate himself for a period of 6 months to one year, in constant prayer along with a series of prolonged and detailed rituals.

It stands to reason that most students of the Western Magickal tradition hardly have the time, nor funds to perform such a lengthy magickal operation. After all, us modern mystics have to hold down jobs and deal with the mundane necessities of the modern world. So what’s a fledgling Magician to do? I decided to offer a solution by sharing a simple, but effective Holy Guardian Angel Ritual!

I created this ritual as an alternative to using the techniques of the respected traditions of Enochian and Planetary Magick, which are fine, but over the heads of even some practiced Magicians. Also, the angels of those particular systems belong to no single individual, and usually communicate in occult generalities.

For most seekers, the most important point is the desire of the Magician to meet and converse with his Angel. Of course, anybody can talk to their Angel; however, the difficulty lies in not only learning to contact ones Angel, but developing the psychic faculty to both hear and understand the information ones Angel imparts in response.

Imagine your Angel as a kind of “Celestial 411 Operator” whose job it is to ensure you have access to important information during all those crucial moments in your life. You can call the magick number “411”, and connect with your Angel, but what good is it going to do you to ask for information, if you can’t even understand the language your Angel is speaking?

It is precisely at the beginning stages of a Magician’s career, that the realization occurs that s/he has not yet developed the intuitive and/or psychic faculties to the point of being able to translate the information given to them by higher intelligences, such as Angels and other divine entities. The Angelic language is beyond mere human understanding.

Therefore the ability to read and understand abstract symbols becomes necessary, in order to make sense of the information gained by such Angelic contact. The great Magus, Aleister Crowley therefore advised initiates to study the Qabalah, and ancient Book of Thoth (aka The Tarot), in order to give the student a system of effective psychic translation.

Both the respected magickal methods of Abramelin, as well as the Enochian Angelic Magick of Sir John Dee, are very involved and necessitate years of devotion and study in order to be mastered. Still, budding Magicians need a simple method that will allow them direct proof of successful access to their Angels.

This is why I’ve decided to share my ritual with beginning magicians. The simplified Holy Guardian Angel Ritual will enable the student to not only contact his/her Angel, but to also perform a basic translation of the information received.

My method incorporates elements of Clairaudience, and aspects of Automatic Writing, but is perfectly safe even for the most inexperienced practitioner. It is also able to be used by anyone of any faith, (including Agnostics, and Atheists, and even worshippers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster lol!)

Click the following link to read the complete, simplified Holy Guardian Angel Ritual (for obtaining the name of your Angel). Remember to visit my new Magickal Forum, and register, so you can share your own questions and experiences there. I look forward to hearing your experiences after performing the ritual.

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  1. Doreen Thorne

    Hi, I believe in angels but I don’t know how precisely how to pray them. Can you show me and send me some spiritual light? Thanks.

  2. Voxx

    I will send you a list of classes, including my popular Angel Magick series. Hope you’re doing well. ~V~

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