Blood Moon: Full Moon Eclipse in Virgo!

March 3rd, 2007 by Voxx

bloodmoonThe Full Moon in Virgo will prove to be very cataclysmic for many people. Not only is the Full Moon being eclipsed, it will also be a Blood Moon.

According to various astrological news sources, the Full Moon will be at 13 Degrees of Virgo, which in my estimation is incorrect. The Moon will truly reach its full phase on March 3rd, at exactly 12:39 pm (PST), at 12 Degrees instead.

Traditionally the lunar title of “Blood Moon” is given to the first Full Moon after the harvest in October. It’s interesting to note that the Mayan culture had a special Goddess named “Xquic”, who ruled over the time of the Blood Moon, in particular.

My feeling about this Blood Moon is that it portends violence, loss, trouble with all things related to the astrological 6th House, ruled by Mercury. Things that will get further out of whack will involve Work, Health and Service issues (as Virgo is the Zodiacal ruler of this house). And since Mercury also rules the 3rd House of Gemini, expect squabbles with family members, and travel delays.

Since Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is also retrograde in Pisces right now (making annoying aspects with the Sun), there will be considerable problems in almost anything you attempt — so chill out already!

Contact me for help, ‘cos you’re gonna need it!

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