Farrah Fawcett: Love Story 2009

June 27th, 2009 by Voxx


Farrah Fawcett died Thursday, June 25th, 2009.  Her impending death from cancer was expected, but still brought an outpouring of sadness at her passing. What came as a greater surprise to most of us, is the largely unexpected death of Michael Jackson, on the same day, no less!  (Although Astrologers, Psychics and those in the know, had expected a tragic ending for poor MJ).

That being said, I’ve thought about the irony of Ryan O’Neal’s part in Farrah’s life. As many people remember, Ryan played the role of “Ollie”, in the film “Love Story”, which was about a young man who loses his wife to cancer, shortly after their marriage. It was this idea that led me to create the image accompanying this post.

Although Farrah and Ryan never legally married one another, they had a long-lasting relationship, and one son together, the troubled Redmond.

Farrah had a checkered career, becoming more respected as an actress in the latter part of her career; However, her greatest fame came within the last three years of her life, as she battled a vicious form of cancer.  During her illness, Farrah documented her life on film, culminating in a fascinating, yet heartbreaking, testimony of her struggle in the face of death.

Again, there is irony in the fact that Farrah came to prominence in the role of an “Angel”, on the hit show, “Charlie’s Angels”, thus we have always known her as an angel.  Now, I have every reason to believe she has turned into a real one.  Thanks Farrah for your final role as a teacher, and guide — walking us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, with grace and dignity. You will be missed.



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  1. Voxx


    Good grief! My blog has been overtaken by Saturnine energies! May all those who have passed away, (including Ed McMahon), rest in peace.


  2. a.s.

    1. “everything that you are that you long 2 be, will come in 3’s my dear..”
    ~”flutes of the chi” ween.

    2. we offer the spirit world these silvery souls, may that pass the rending of veil, skip the inevitable working of the spirit, the Tibetan red rope of judgment, go, and collect their drinks, and o2 mask at the pool side bar in the sky.


    one love.

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