Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 3/5/07

March 6th, 2007 by Voxx
  • fullerG1G Childhood of a Psychic: Mini Psychic History of my magickal life.
  • Astrological News: The Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, March 3rd, 2007.
  • Celebrity News: Britney Spears and her reported attempted suicide, and claim to be the Anti-Christ 666.
  • Astrology of Britney Spears: Brit’s recent Mental Breakdown.
  • Caller Number 1: The Count (Cancer). Assorted Questions: Have aliens ever visited the earth? Did aliens create the Pyramids? Did he make the right decision to quit his higher-paying job? When will he get a Girlfriend? A Boyfriend? Psychic opinion of George Bush? Is the God Horus inspiring George Bush’s decisions on war?
  • Mercury Retrograde: How it affects people directly and indirectly; Marjorie Cameron and Mercury Retrograde.
  • Caller Number 2: Stephanie (Scorpio). Question: Weird Dream about a letter; What does it mean? Tarot Reading: Prince of Cups, The Hanged Man, The Lovers.
  • Dream Interpretation: Suggestions for learning more from your Dreams; Using a Dream Diary; Qabalistic Dream Interpretation; Numerology and Dream Interpretation; Dreaming of Celebrities; Dreaming the Lottery Numbers; Dreams and Colors.
  • Mars in Aquarius: Negative effects on those born under Fixed Signs.
  • The Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: Was it responsible for the recent Stock Market Crash? It’s effect on Steve Jobs, and Apple.
  • Mercury Goes Direct: March 7th, 2007 (25:00 Aquarius 8:44 PST).
  • Astrology and Celebrity Gossip: Paris Hilton’s negative Aquarian effect on Britney Spears and her downward spiral; Singer Brandy Norwood sued for $50 Million dollars; Ray J. Norwood’s pornography video with Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto breaks his nose at rock show.
  • Of Presidents and Aliens: Are George W. Bush and Bill Clinton really Aliens from outer space?
  • Mars Through the Signs: Mars through the Astrology Signs of Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
  • Astrology of Donald Trump: A hilarious look at what makes The Donald tick; plus psychic insight regarding his infamous hairstyle.
  • More Astrological News: Total Solar Eclipse on March 18th, in Pisces; what to expect. More troubles for Britney!
  • Weekly Prediction: Larry Birkhead will be proven to be the biological father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith.
  • Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith: Eery similarities!

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  1. Julie

    I would love to hear astology readings on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston.


  2. Voxx

    Sure! What would you like to know, and I’ll do their charts, plus do a Tarot Reading on it.

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