Happy Birthday, Grandmother

September 29th, 2010 by Voxx

Today, I wish to celebrate the birthday of my late Grandmother Nell. She was born in the early 1900’s, in a small town in Tennessee. Nell was the middle child of seven children, including two brothers and four sisters.

She was a real beauty when she was young, looking like a combination of Lana Turner and Mae West. The story goes that she was a sharp-shooter, and an excellent horseback rider — a veritable Eris if ever there was one. On the Venusian side of things, she was also a young vixen, who wound up marrying her English Professor, who happened to be a Poet as well as a Shakespearean scholar.

Nell was the most perfect Astrological specimen of a female Libra. Smart and analytical, she ran her own grocery store, acting as expert accountant and shopkeeper. She was also very beautiful, fun-loving and domestically talented.  Nell was an incredible cook, and an expert seamstress, as well as a loving and wise Grandmother to me and my sisters. The list of her talents goes on and on.

Whenever I see a beautiful starlet from the golden era of film, I always think of my lovely grandmother. She was tall and elegant, possessing the typical flair of ultra-Librans for looking glamorous, even while cooking up a pot of green beans in an iron skillet. I loved her so much, and still think of her often.

Nell was a gifted clairvoyant, with deep spiritual beliefs and could recite any line of the Bible by memory, at the drop of a hat. She was the one who first taught me about Psychic Protection, and the concept of Karma — and I can assure you that anyone who ever did her wrong, wound up paying a hefty price. Thinking back, there was absolutely nothing Nell could not do. Her garden was a thing of beauty, always full of gorgeous ripening tomatoes, and other luscious fruits and vegetables.

Grandmother Nell, as a firm believer in life after death, I know that if heaven exists, you certainly must be there, livening the place up!  In the meantime, thank you for making my life possible, and also for those dozens of beautiful handmade quilts that keep me and the rest of the family so warm at night. You are forever loved, and deeply missed. ~V~

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Mercury Retrograde From Hell!

September 6th, 2010 by Voxx

Well, I’m finally back from WordPress Hell and further adventures, thanks to a karmically-challenged hacker. I’ve had a million things to share, but no real place to disseminate the info, aside from Facebook.

[Note: Yes,  I had a feeling this was going to happen, but sometimes annoying things occur with or without having the abilities of clairsentience, darn it!]

Anyway, the last time I was able to post on my blog was to let my readers know about the new slate of volcanic eruptions happening in Iceland; However, I was unable to post my predictions regarding the other upcoming disasters — such as the floods in Pakistan, the major earthquake in New Zealand and further volcanic eruptions.

I suppose that Whomever Is In Charge decided to let the inhabitants of our feisty planet get the full wallop of reality, without the luxury of a heads-up from one of the world’s most accurate Psychics.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: This particular Mercury retrograde will be over and done by September 12th, although we won’t be completely out of the woods until September 27th, when Mercury will achieve the degree at which it went retrograde in Virgo on August 20th.

It figures that Mercury would go ballistic on H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday.  Next time I’ll make sure to say a little prayer to Cthulhu next time Mercury goes retrograde in August.

For those of you who are about to completely lose it thanks to Mercury, feel free to contact me. Take a deep breath, it’s almost over!



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