Full Moon in Capricorn!

June 30th, 2007 by Voxx

hecate-blake.jpgThe Full Moon will occur at 6:49 PDT (9:49 EDT), and will be at 08:25 Degrees of Capricorn. No doubt you will feel especially emotional, as Capricorn is the exact opposite sign of Cancer, the sign which is ruled by the Moon. The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, and makes it a very intense time for all Moonchildren, in particular.

There is a great deal of craziness going on right now, with Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde at the same time! So pretty much everything is up in the air — don’t try to hard to control things, as it’s impossible to get a handle on anything right now. The best you can do is to try to accept what’s going on in your life with the best attitude possible. Once Mercury goes direct again on July 9th, things will start settling down, once and for all.

Other Planets Affecting the Full Moon Energy: With Venus in Leo, you may find yourself taking things too personally, and amping the drama of your feelings — chill out! Save your acting for the stage — speaking of which, with Mercury in Cancer, you’ll no doubt be aware of how good your memory is getting. Write some poetry while you’re at it! Release your fears, and don’t let Capricorn’s uptight influence make you too bossy. Are you listening, President Bush? (He’s a Cancer, you know.)

The Positive Side: You can get in touch with your more disciplined side right now. It’s a good time to start any kind of regimen to increase your stamina and strength.

The Negative Side: You need to lighten up already! You may feel irritable, vulnerable, and angry right now — violence is definitely on the horizon, so keep your temper in check. Also, this placement is strong for the occurrence of earthquakes, as Capricorn is an earth sign, and rules mountains (and the little goat creatures that climb them).

Final Note: This is a very powerful Full Moon, so try to wake up early and meditate on the full level of energy that can be tapped and transmuted to your particular magickal purpose.

Capricorn Keywords for Focus: Structure, patience, thoroughness, goal-planning, and strategy.

Cancerian Keywords for Focus: Nourishment, security, appreciation and family.

Candle Ritual Info: Use the following colours, shapes, and items in your ritual for celebrating the Moon in Capricorn. All items should celebrate the sign the Moon is in, which is Capricorn.

Colours: Black and Indigo (for Capricorn).

Shapes: Crescents, 10-pointed stars.

Other Objects: Horns, crystal balls, black scrying mirrors.

Talismans: The Devil Card (Tarot/Capricorn), garnet, onyx, obsidian and/or any other black or indigo-colored stones.

Scents: Myrrh, Onycha, Cypress.

Herbs: Comfrey, Solomon’s Seal, Belladonna (poison), and Snowdrop.

Trees: Pine, Cypress, Yew, Spruce, and Holly.

Picture Info: “Hecate” by William Blake.

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Mars in Taurus Sounds Like …

June 27th, 2007 by Voxx

venusSeriously folks, nothing more need be said that can better explain the sound of Mars in Taurus than this clip.

Update:  The clip of J-Hol and J-Hud has been taken down — Sorry! Do a search for it. It’s bound to show up again.

Mars is sheer power, and Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of the musical arts. Check it out. I dare you not to get chills down your spine.(Copyright Info: This clip was made last night when at the BET Awards show.) 

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Moon Void-of-Course: Explanation and Dates

June 26th, 2007 by Voxx

APAS2.gifRoughly, every two and one-half days, the Moon changes signs. During this time, it makes no direct aspects, and is considered relatively unstable. The low-down is that it is an unfavorable time to make any major decisions, nor to do anything of great importance. The reason being, that anything begun or finished right now will either not work out (at worst), or will simply have to be redone (at best).

Needless to say, do not make important decisions at this time. It’s better to wait until the time after which the Moon firmly enters the next Zodiac sign. For example, when the Moon is Void-of-Course in Pisces, it would be better to wait to start or finish a project once the Moon had completely entered into the next sign of Aries.

Moon Magick: The wise witches out there who happen to know the art of Astrology can vouch for the wisdom of performing rituals when the Moon is favorably aspected. Therefore, it is best to avoid doing serious Magick during a time when the the Moon is VOC, (especially for acquiring things, or situations).

In order to help you plan the best times to start or finish a project, please check out my Moon Void-of-Course Page, which lists the VOC times for the rest of June 2007. I will soon be listing the VOC Moons for the rest of 2007.

June 26, 2007: Today, the Moon is in Scorpio all day, but Void-of-Course. Now is the time to do the following: Get to the bottom of matters; detective work; deal with issues regarding all that is hidden, taboo, secret, or suppressed.

The Moon is void of course from 1:24 PM PDT (4:24 PM EDT) with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Saturn). VOC period ends when the Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:25 AM PDT (8:25 AM EDT) tomorrow.

Positive Energies of the Moon in Scorpio: Provocative, sexual, intense, passionate, transformative, healing, visionary, good for Necromancy and Trance Work, past-life regression.

Negative Energies of the Moon in Scorpio: Jealous, pushy, argumentative, strong-willed, morbid and manipulative.

Special Note for June 26, 2007: Since Venus is quincunx Uranus today, there will be issues regarding impulsive spending, peculiar attractions, fear of commitment, and freedom versus intimacy issues.

For more about Astrology, visit my Astrology Pages, or sign up for Astrology Classes.

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The Voxx Show: Tune in Tonight at 9PM

June 25th, 2007 by Voxx

Remember to tune in tonight, Monday night at 9:00 pm (PST) for another episode of The Voxx Show!

It’s a live, call-in Psychic internet radio show where I give free Psychic Readings, and dispense lots of interesting info on a variety of subjects regarding Magick, and have featured Special Guests. Subjects I regularly talk about are Thelema, Witchcraft, Rituals, Goetia, Angels, Astrology, Qabalah … you name it!

To Listen Live @ 9PM, Click Here!
Call me with your questions at:
323-284-5166; OR
Skype me by my Username: voxxpodcast

Special Guests: If you’d like to be considered as a Special Guest on the show, let me know your background and what special topics you are experienced in.

Voxx Show Sponsorships: If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this increasingly popular show, please contact me for more info.

If you miss the Live Broadcast, you can always check it out later on my Archived Podcasts. Until then, go ahead and register on the Voxx Magick Forum, and start posting — see you there! Please tell your friends about the show.

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Summer Solstice 2007 (Litha)

June 21st, 2007 by Voxx

SunPentacle-3.jpgI wish you all a magickal Summer Solstice today, June 21st, 2007. I’ve been up since 6:20 am (PDT), unable to sleep — feeling excited and happy as we move into the warm, loving Zodiacal sign of Cancer.

The exact moment of the Summer Solstice will occur at 11:06 am (PDT), and 2:06 pm (EDT). The Solstice will occur with Virgo Rising at 7 Degrees, with the Moon in the 1st House, making wonderful astrological aspects for me personally, for which I’m always thankful to the stars. I’ll post the chart up in the Astrology Section of my Magickal Forum for you all to see.

The Pagan History of the Summer Solstice: This day is also celebrated by Pagans and Witches as “Litha”, which is one of the 4 Greater Sabbaths of good witches everywhere. As some of you may know, the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. After today, the sun will set sooner each day, until Winter Solstice, at which time (Yule), the Sun will be “reborn” again. For more information about the Summer Solstice, please see the links at the end of this post, or contact me personally.

A Magickal Morning: After I awoke, I had some tea with my father, and gathered some items to do a little of what I call, kitchin’ witchin’.

Making Solar Water: I poured a gallon of purified water into a jug, put a stopper on it, and put it outside to gather the rising rays of Sol. According to ancient Wiccan practices, Solar Water made on this particular day possesses incredible magickal force and power which can be used for healing for the rest of the Solar Year.

After that, I went upstairs to the Sun Deck, and ate some Bran, as I took in the sight of Hollywood beneath my feet (literally!) However, the damp morning air made it difficult to stay there for long, so I went back downstairs to my house, saying hello to a honeybee I met along the way.

Feeling inspired, (thanks to the Solar Energy), I wound up taking quite a few pictures of my new house, replete with Faeries, Pixies, Gnomes and flowers. I’ll post them up soon.

Once back inside, I also gathered a collection of all my Solar crystals — various gold, red and clear crystals, such as Pyrite, Citrine, Quartz, Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and even some Bloodstone. I placed these stones on a large windowsill (facing South, the direction of Fire), and lit some of my special Venus in Cancer incense, next to the crystals basking in the sunlight.

I wound up writing lengthy entries in my Magickal Diary, and wrote two intense poems as well (which I’ll share in the Magickal Forum).

Me and my dad did a bit of Psychic Trance work at the kitchen table, under the powerful influences of the solar aspects. We did some detective work, which I’ll share with you all on a different post. Suffice it to say, that this Solstice is already generating a great deal of positive energy in my life, and I hope that it will have the same effect on all my magickal friends out there.

The Third Pentacle of the Sun: I’m posting this particular Solar talisman to generate positive energy for all my readers. Here’s a bit about this particular Seal of the Sun. The Greater Key of Solomon states that, “The Third Pentacle of the Sun serveth in addition … to acquire Kingdom and Empire, to inflict loss, and to acquire renown and glory, especially through the Name of God, Tetragrammaton, which therein is twelve times contained.”

In an accompanying Editor’s Note, the Name IHVH (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh), is repeated twelve times; and a versicle somewhat similar to Daniel IV. V:34: ‘My Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and my dominion endureth from age unto age.’

Feel free to print it out, anoint it with some Frankincense (or even Olive Oil), and keep it in your wallet or purse for good fortune. And of course, let me know how it affects you by sharing your story in the Magickal Forum. As always, I hope you all have a mystical, magickal day!

More Links Regarding Litha:

Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice: The Voxx Magickal Forum.

Circle of Light: Summer Solstice Ritual.

Netglimse.com: Summer Solstice Celebrations

Cassandra Eason Official Site: Summer Solstice Rituals

Thelemic Summer Solstice Ritual.

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