The Voxx Show 6/18/07

June 20th, 2007 by Voxx


  • Week in Review: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer wreaking havoc in our home lives.
  • Caller Number 1: Frater 131 (No birthdate given).
    Scenario: Shooting the breeze with a magickal initiate; chatting about the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP), and Liber XXV (The Star Ruby); Spiders and the symbolism of Tiphareth; Liber 777 (buy from the Voxx Book Club on this site); Ra-Hoor-Khuit; Frater Achad.
    Question: Regarding Goetia Magick — is it necessary to use a Black Mirror to evoke a spirit?
    Situation: Frater 131 believes that magicians shouldn’t have to use a Evocation Mirror in order to “see” the Goetia Spirits; Voxx explains her magickal opinion regarding the use of Scrying Mirrors during evocation and talks about her Goetia Magick Classes.
  • Goetia-A-Go-Go: Voxx shares a funny personal account of her first evocation of Ashtoreth with a 9th Degree OTO Magician.
  • Caller Number 2: Fin (Gemini).
    Question: Is he on the right track regarding his writing?Tarot Reading: Art (Trump 14).
    Astrology Reading: Aquarius Rising, Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini; Saturn conjunct Mercury in Taurus.
  • Aleister Crowley and the Equinox of the Gods: The discovery of Magickal and Family roots.
  • Caller Number 3: Lynn (Pisces).
    Question: Wants to know what’s in store for her music career.
    Astrology Reading: Saturn in Leo is transiting her 1st House, creating delays.
    Tarot Reading: 4 of Swords, 7 of Cups, the Prince of Disks, The Star, The Moon and the 2 of Wands.
    Word of the Day: Art (14th Trump), and Adjustment.
  • Caller Number 4: Derrick (No Birthdate Given).
    Question Number 1: Should he move into the new place he found?
    Tarot Reading: 9 of Cups, Princess of Wands, The Ace of Swords, and the 5 of Cups.
    Question Number 2: What’s going on with his job?
    Tarot Reading: 3 of Disks, Queen of Swords, 10 of Wands, The Devil, and The Tower.
    Word of the Day: The 6 of Swords.
  • Daily Planets: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Leo, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius.
  • New Section on the Voxx Forum: Ask Voxx.
  • Madeleine McCann: Voxx explores the Astrological Chart of a little girl who was kidnapped in Portugal in May 2007, and shares her thoughts about what happened to Madeleine.
    Tarot Reading: 10 of Disks, 6 of Cups and The Ace of Swords.

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The Voxx Show 6/11/07

June 15th, 2007 by Voxx


  • The Week in Review.
  • Celebrity Fuckups: Paris Hilton goes to the Psych Ward at LA County Jail to detox; Nicole Richie is the typical Virgoan anorexic.
  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian Released From Jail: Why the Kevorkian Health Plan is better than the US Government’s version.
  • Daily Planets: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Leo, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius.
  • Caller Number 1: Matt (Cancer).
    Question: What’s up with his Career and Love Life?
    Situation: Caller is having a hard time finding satisfying work; Needs to move on from a dead-end marriage; wants to know how his Aries and Gemini children will handle their parents divorce.
    Tarot Reading: The Sun, and the 4 of Swords show unused talent; the 4 of Disks and 10 of Wands show that the ex-wife has taken money from Caller’s bank account without permission.
  • Cancer Husband and Wife: The emotional mind-fucking of Moonchildren.
  • Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: What to expect.
  • Wiccan Feng Shui.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius: The deep transformations of Pluto in the sign of the Archer.
  • Caller Number 2: Jonathan (Aquarius).
    Question: Caller wants to know if he should go to Law School and the possible results.
    Situation: Caller has a hard time focusing; Voxx counsels him on ways to focus.
    Tarot Reading: The Aeon, shows cycles of desire that continue to make him consider more schooling.
  • Aquarians: A bit of info about the people born under this sign.
  • Caller Number 3: Lore Denizen (Taurus).
    Question: Caller wants to assure herself she’s on the right path for success.
    Situation: Caller is a musician in a hard-rock band, and wants to see the potential of success for her musical group.
    Tarot Reading: The Hermit, 9 of Cups, and 8 of Disks show new material being written; happiness coming from doing what one loves; The Chariot, The Emperor, The Hierophant and the Queen of Disks show the Caller is the leader of the band; 9 of Swords and The Magician show need to promote and get the word out.
  • New Moon in Gemini at 23 Degrees: June 14th, Thursday at 11:13 pm (EST), and 8:13 pm (PDT); what to expect and how best to start the new Lunar cycle.
  • Scary Murphy: Voxx predicts Eddie Murphy will be named the biological father of Scary Spice’s baby.
  • Caller Number 4: Heather (Scorpio).
    Question: Caller wants to know what’s going on with her job.
    Situation: After hesitating to go after a new job, the Caller is advised to wait until after Mercury exits retrograde on July 9th.
    Tarot Reading: 5 of Cups, The Moon, and the 4 of Swords indicate a need to be patient.

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Happy Birthday Yeats

June 14th, 2007 by Voxx

yeats2Before it’s too late … I wanted to wish a Happy Astral Birthday to William Butler Yeats, the great mystical poet.

There are a great number of people who are unaware that Yeats was not only a long-time member of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but he was also the Head of the Order for a time.

For a time, during my teenage years, I was a huge fan of Yeats — even before I knew he was a ritual Magician. Of course, those familiar with the life of Aleister Crowley no doubt are aware that Yeats and Crowley were not on the best of terms. Crowley joined the same G.’.D.’. Lodge as Yeats in 1898, much to the chagrin of many of the members of the Isis-Urania Temple in London.

All mysticism aside, Yeats was a gifted and very spiritually-oriented poet, who at one time was the Poet Laureate of Ireland, won the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature in 1923. Yeats is known as the greatest Irish lyric poet of all time, and is regarded by many as the greatest poet of the 20th Century (although my personal vote goes to the late, great Ted Hughes, former husband of the ever more late Sylvia Plath, but i digress).

There are quite a few books written about the magickal poetry and symbolism of Yeats, which are worth checking out (I’ll have to go through my library and post some of the better titles).

On this day, I urge all my magickal friends to take a moment to read through some of the poems left behind by the hermetic Mage. I’m sure you will find much to enjoy in the inspired words and visions he so carefully left behind. Happy birthday Mr. Yeats.

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19th Century Whale Killed

June 13th, 2007 by Voxx

“[In the train of Poseidon] the winds and tempest are silent and with tranquil song proceed the Tritones who bear his armour and the rock-like Cete (Sea-Monsters) and the Tyrrhenian herds [seals], and gambol around and blow him, saluting their king.” — Statius, Achilleid 1.55

According to news reports, a 50-ton Bowhead whale was caught and killed last month; however, what makes this story so unusual is the fact that the creature has been estimated to have been between 115 to 130 years old!

It’s bad enough to have lost such a magnificent whale, but to make matters worse it seems the only thing reporters are focusing on is the fact that the whale was discovered with a fragment of a weapon in its neck — one that was manufactured circa 1890!

The 50-ton whale was captured off the Alaskan coast, had apparently been hit with a bomb lance between its neck and shoulder blade, a fragment which was lodged there for over 100 years. It had survived for over a century with the 3-1/2 inch arrow-shaped object buried under its blubber, only to succumb during a similar, final attack last month.

According to John Bockstoce, an adjunct curator at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, no other finding of such an object has ever been as precise in helping discover the actual age of such a whale. Ordinarily, the calculation of a whale’s age is difficult to gauge by studying the level of amino acids in the whale’s eye lenses. Not only that, but it is an extremely rare event to discover a whale which is more than a century old. Still, there have been incidents of capturing whales that have been near 200 years of age.

The Bowhead that was recently killed has been estimated to have been born in approximately 1877, around the time Thomas Edison was busy inventing the phonograph.

Alaska Whaling Laws: The Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission allows the harvesting of up to 255 whales by 10 Alaskan villages for the next five years, so the killing of the whale is considered legal; however, it’s important to note that the Bowhead Whale itself is considered an endangered species, and I feel should have been spared this unnecessary death.

Especially haunting to me is the fact that this whale managed to exist for all this time, no doubt being careful to avoid humans. Still, in the end this ancient creature lost its life, and takes with it a small piece of history.

As a follower of the ancient ways of Nature, I respect all creatures, and although I am a Pagan, I don’t consider myself to be a “tree-hugging hippie”. Still, in this case the age of this whale, as well as the fact that it was on the endangered species list just really saddens me — even though the killing was technically legal, and will go towards feeding the Alaskan Indians.

I suppose the only thing I can do is what I’m doing right now — bringing awareness to another facet of the story, one that is not receiving the attention I feel it deserves. All i can do now is say a blessing for a majestic being that has been sacrificed to feed the needs of Man and his unceasing appetite.

Whales and Mythology: According to ancient Greek Mythology, the Goddess Amphitrite was the ruler of the Keta (aka Cetaceans), which were considered sea monsters.

Additional Links Regarding Whales & Mythology:

Whales in Ancient Greek Mythology

The Goddess Amphitrite

Greek Mythology Gallery

About Bowhead Whales: Wikipedia, Enchanted Learning, ACSON Online

19th Century Whale Captured (News Reports): CNN, Journal Now, The Edmonton Sun.

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Tiphereth House

June 11th, 2007 by Voxx

TIPHERETH-HOUSE-LOGO-BEST.jpgI’ve been working non-stop on moving my magickal home, Tiphereth House to a new place for the last couple of weeks, thus I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. I plan on doing another episode of The Voxx Show later tonight, so definitely tune in and call with your questions.

I’ll be getting back to returning some phone calls, letters and forum posts this week, so thanks for your patience.

There will be a few surprise guests who will be appearing on the show with me soon, so I’m looking forward to that.

Life at the new house is already so rewarding. Lots of trees, flowers, nature, and best of all peace and quiet (at least as much as a person can hope for in the middle of Hollywood. I’m living in Beachwood Canyon, a bit in the hills. It’s been so strange to drive for groceries looking straight at the Hollywood sign.

You know it’s funny … when I was a little girl, I always knew I’d live in Hollywood, close to the Hollywood sign although it never happened until now. Soon, I’ll take some pix and post them after I get settled. You are just not going to believe how magickal this place is. I hope that all my friends will benefit from my stories when I explain how truly simple real Magick is.

Remember what the Greek Goddess Nike said … “Just do it!” Over and out for now.

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