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Voxx, is one of the the world’s leading Astrologers. as featured in the best-selling book, “100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in America,” (both 1994 and 2014 editions.)

Types of Astro Readings, Charts & Reports, Include: Birth/Natal, Progressions, Transits, Synastry, Composite, Astro-cartography.

Personal: Predictive, Health, Karmic, Past-Life, Residential, Traveling.

Relationships: Love, Couples, Family, (Also pets).

Business: Finances, Security, Real Estate, Legal Situations.

Horary & Electional: Predicting Dates, Times, Events; Including, Wedding Planning, Birth Planning and Baptisms.

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Special Classes Available via the VoxxMagick Patreon
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Astrology Classes & Lectures: Learn a vast array of magickal arts from Voxx, one of the “100 Top Psychics in America”, (as featured in the best-selling book of the same name, (both 1994 and 2014 editions.)

Write for the Astro Class Syllabus at: voxx(at) (reference “Astro Class” on the subject line.)

You may also text: 323-646-6990 (Enable Caller ID)

Classes are available privately for individuals, or groups. Sessions are given by phone, or internet.

No books are necessary; However, book suggestions will be given. All classes and information will be sent to students as PDFs.

Additional Benefits: Students’ personal Astrology Charts and Reports will be examined, and explained in the most positive and informed way, insuring each student enjoys the most enjoyable and inspirational experience possible.

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