Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 11/27/06

November 29th, 2006 by Voxx
  • Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison: Astrology, Witchcraft and Rock’n’roll.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo 25 Degrees.
  • The Basic Magickal Philosophy of Aleister Crowley
  • Love Spells and How They Work.
  • Astrology & Compatibility: The Moon, Venus and Mars.
  • Are You Cursed?

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Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

November 24th, 2006 by Voxx

Tyche1Just a note to thank all of my family, friends, students and clients — new and old, who’ve made my life a real joy this past year. I feel a few people need to be singled out for special thanks for their friendship and support: “B”, for being the greatest … thanks for making my life a true magickal adventure; the Great Laurencio (aka Larry Pines) for sharing his amazing Astrological brilliance with me; my Dad, who is one of the most incredible mental Magicians alive; Jeremy who proves that Magickal thinking really works; and my coven of sisters who conjure the Moon with me. Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to my Angel who guides and protects me with love and care.

Thanksgiving: A Pagan Holiday:

For those of you with an open mind, check out these fascinating links regarding the Pagan History of Thanksgiving.

The Pagan Goddesses of Thanksgiving:

Demeter, Fortuna, Tyche, Amalthea,

The Symbolism of the Cornucopia

Wishing you all a mystical, magickal Thanksgiving Day!

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Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 11/20/06

November 21st, 2006 by Voxx

I’m celebrating the release of my first Psychic Podcast! I recorded the first session yesterday afternoon, November 20th. I timed the session to coincide with the New Moon in Scorpio at 28 Degrees.

Famed Celebrity Astrologer, Larry Pines was my first Special Guest. We had a rockin’ time as we referenced the Tarot and Astrology to rip through such timely topics as:

  • Britney Spears’ divorce from Fed-Ex — dishing the dirt!
  • Astrology and current political affairs and the economy
  • UCLA student tazing incident
  • Christianity vs. Astrology
  • Madonna and the Kabbalah
  • Heliocentric Astrology
  • Reese Witherspoon’s divorce from Ryan Phillipe — secret affairs!
  • Britney Part Deux – Why Fed-Ex is “America’s Most Hated”

I’m going to offer a few special features on my Podcast, so check back to find out the exciting details.

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Magickal Leonid Meteor Shower

November 19th, 2006 by Voxx

Get ready for another special day today — we’re about to witness the spectacular Leonid Meteor Showers for the next few days.

So remember to go outside for awhile super late tonight, and check out the rainfall of falling stars and make lots of wishes!

Leonid Meteor Shower Links

Meteor Link #1

Meteor Link #2

Meteor Link #3

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Venus in Sagittarius: Giddy-Up!

November 18th, 2006 by Voxx

Today at 00:02 am, PST (3:02 am, EST), Venus, the Planet of Love, moved into the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius where it will enjoy a nice romp in the hay until until December 11th, 2006. It’s Sexy Time! Find out all the naughty things you need to be doing right now!

Venus just loves Big Papa Jove, the original big spender. Sagittarius lends Lady Venus a sense of psycho-sexual/spiritual release, combined with a much-needed element of fun and excitement that comes just in time (pun not intended).

To hell with keeping all that angst bottled up inside! It’s time to get down and dirty with honesty. Besides, it’s your life isn’t it? Whatever you do, no matter who you get the hots for right about now, just do a quickie Vegas Wedding, and try to make sure the ceremony isn’t legal. After all, you don’t wanna wake up in a month (after Venus has moved into sober Capricorn), and find out you forgot to sign a Pre-Nup!

Skip the novels this month while you can live a life worthy of being ghost-written by Jackie Collins. Since Sagittarius rules the 9th House of Higher Education, Foreign Travel, Publishing and Spirituality, here is a handy list of things to do while Venus spins deliriously thru Sagittarius:

* Join the Mile-High Club;

* Skip the headlines, and go straight for the Comics;

* Pitch a tent in the desert and go native (don’t forget your herbs)!

* Watch all the Mitch Hedberg videos on YouTube;

* Go commit a few interesting sins and get saved at the last minute;

* Move to Kazakhstan and chill with some of Borat’s relatives;

* Send some sexy e-mails to Stephen Hawkings (it’s cool, he’s about to get a divorce anyway!)

* Volunteer to be a nude model for a community college Art Class.

In other words … let’s get this party started! WahWahWeeWah!

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