Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

November 24th, 2006 by Voxx

Tyche1Just a note to thank all of my family, friends, students and clients — new and old, who’ve made my life a real joy this past year. I feel a few people need to be singled out for special thanks for their friendship and support: “B”, for being the greatest … thanks for making my life a true magickal adventure; the Great Laurencio (aka Larry Pines) for sharing his amazing Astrological brilliance with me; my Dad, who is one of the most incredible mental Magicians alive; Jeremy who proves that Magickal thinking really works; and my coven of sisters who conjure the Moon with me. Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to my Angel who guides and protects me with love and care.

Thanksgiving: A Pagan Holiday:

For those of you with an open mind, check out these fascinating links regarding the Pagan History of Thanksgiving.

The Pagan Goddesses of Thanksgiving:

Demeter, Fortuna, Tyche, Amalthea,

The Symbolism of the Cornucopia

Wishing you all a mystical, magickal Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. mama kelly

    Thank you for leaving your link on our blog. I can’t wait to feature you when we get to the V’s in our Pagan Blog Directory.

    Thanks as well for posting good info on Thanksgiving for the Pagan community.

    Mama Kelly

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