Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 3/12/07

March 14th, 2007 by Voxx

s aeon

  • Caller Number 1: Angie (Leo).
    Question Number 1: She’s worried about her sister, a Virgo. What’s going to happen to her sister who’s in love with a Sagittarian convict?
    Question Number 2: What’s stopping her from finding true love?
  • Caller Number 2: Walter (Pisces).
    Question: Love Question, what’s going on? Will he ever find his perfect partner? His ex-girlfriend was a Witch. Falling in love with a Thelemite. Magicians need to learn to command change in their personal Universe.
  • Caller Number 3: Michelle (Scorpio).
    Question: When will her love life get better? Scorpios need to let others into their lives.
  • Magickal Advice: Do not do rituals during retrograde — here’s why!
    Caller Number Number 4: Fin (Gemini).
    Question: He wants to know if the Tarot cards in his Psychic Reading will change over time? The caller proves that manifesting positive change shows up in his Psychic Reading.
  • The Book of the Law: Using The Book of the Law to promote positive changes in your life; Lust not for result; Do what thou wilt — the meaining of these Thelimic verses.
  • Aiwass vs. Crowley: Spotting incidents of Duality in Crowley’s Thelemic masterpiece.
  • Aleister Crowley: Man and Magus; How to tell when you’ve “crossed the Abyss.” The meaning of To Mega Therion; Methodology has to match the invocation.
  • Alchemy: The process.
  • Proving Magick: Success is they proof!
  • The Equinox Motto: The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion.
  • Thelema: The Importance of Aleister Crowley and the Philosophy of Thelema.
  • The Daily Planets: Sun 22 Degrees Pisces, Moon 3 Degrees Capricorn, Mercury 23 Degrees Aquarius, Venus 24 Degrees Aries, Mars 11 Degrees Aquarius, Jupiter 18 Degrees Sagittarius, Uranus 15 Degrees Pisces, Saturn 19 Degrees Leo (Retrograde), Neptune 20 Degrees Aquarius, Pluto 28 Degrees Sagittarius, North Node 16 Degrees Pisces, Chiron 13 Degrees Aquarius, Part of Fortune 0 Degrees Leo, Vertex 25 Degrees Taurus, Lilith 15 Degrees Libra.
  • Caput Algol: The cursed degree of Taurus (25 Degrees); Marie Antoinette.
  • The New Moon in Pisces: Total Solar Eclipse, March 18th, 2007; it’s effect.
  • Solar Eclipse: Psychic advice.

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