Happy Beltane 2007!

May 1st, 2007 by Voxx

greenman.gifToday is Beltane, one of the Witches’ Sabbaths which marks the last of the three Spring fertility festivals. It is the second Sabbath of the New Year, coming between the Vernal Equinox (Ostara), and the Summer Solstice (Mid-Summer). Beltane is equated with the arrival of Summer since ancient times.

The Sabbath of Beltane (also known as May Eve), is also known in Germany as Walpurgisnacht, (which translates as the “Night of Walpurgis”). In the lore of Witchcraft (before it was renamed “Wicca”), and was often depicted as the night when all the witches and their familiars rode their brooms through the sky.

Interestingly, Beltane happens today on the near-full Moon in Scorpio, which adds just the right amount of spiritual lunar energy to the holiday. Interesting how the Pagans chose the Astrological placement for this holiday, as the Moon in Scorpio relates to Sex, Death and Rebirth. Also, at the time of this holiday, the Sun is in sensual Taurus, which is ruled by Venus the planet ruling love and beauty.

Below are some helpful and interesting links for you to read about the history and practice of Beltane.

I will be celebrating tonight, and will meet all my magickal friends no doubt — out there on the Astral Plane.

fairymab.jpgRemember that Beltane is a magickal time wherein the veils between the worlds are lifted. Go outside tonight and see if you can see the Green Man, or the lovely Queen of the Fairies, Mab. Enjoy yourselves! Id’ love to hear any of your stories or magickal experiences you have tonight. Blessed Be!

Beltane Fire Society: Unbelievable pictures show how modern Wiccans and Pagans continue to celebrate this ancient holiday — truly amazing!

Myths Associated With Beltane: A great site containing lots of additional links regarding Wicca and Beltane.

A Witch’s View of Beltane: More on the traditions of Beltane written by a Wiccan practitioner.

Celtic Traditions of Beltane: An historical account of the Celtic origins of Beltane written by a male Wiccan.

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  1. Voxx


    Tonight, after my Psychic Show was over, I went outside in the garden and waited to see a vision of Queen Mab and her magickal retinue of fairies. She arrived with a gaggle of trumpeting pixies, along with a deer-headed man, and several lovely hamadryads in tow. Trust me, when you seek her out, she will come to you!


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