Voxx Magick Show #23

May 2nd, 2007 by Voxx

QUEENSUM.gifHappy Beltane: Beltane is one of the 8 Sabbaths of Wicca; an ancient fertility ritual day.

First Caller: Colleen (Leo)
Question: What is going on with her career?
Situation: Wants confirmation on her career direction; Voxx correctly describes the caller’s physical appearance with shocking clarity; Voxx discusses her successful guidance of superstar Music Supervisor, Alex Patsavas of the hit show, “The OC”. Caller states Voxx was “dead on”.

More Info on the Feast of Beltane: Voxx shares info about Beltane, such as The Green Man, and the connection to Queen Mab and the world of the Fairies. Cool links are mentioned.

Celebrating Beltane: Voxx offers some suggestions for celebrating the magickal energy of the day, such as Scrying, and Astral Travel; Beltane is all about wild sex; Walpurgisnacht is May Eve, the day Hitler allegedly committed suicide.

Caller Number 2: Heather (Scorpio)
Question: Caller requests Voxx to analyze her interesting chart which contains 5 planets in Scorpio.
Situation: Voxx analyzes a planetary stellium in Scorpio for a caller. The effects of having the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio.

Famous Scorpio Women: Marie Curie, the discoverer of Radium.

Saturn and Pluto Conjunct in Libra: Problems with Karmic relationships.

The Scorpio Stellium Generation: Many young people with these planetary aspects are now soldiers, dying in Iraq.

The Astrology of the USA: The USA has Scorpio Rising in its chart; the implications.

Planetary Stelliums: Voxx gives a hilarious lesson in describing people with planetary stelliums in all twelve Zodiac Signs. Voxx explores the stelliums in the charts of Angelina Jolie and others.

Mark Ryden Exhibition Review: Voxx shares her experience of going to the recent Mark Ryden painting exhibition, called “The Tree Show”; Voxx describes her favorite pieces from the collection, Cernunnos, describing the magickal lore behind this piece in particular.

Albert Einstein and The Karma of Pisces: Voxx discusses the work of Einstein, the famous Piscean physicist.

Caller Number 3: Kathleen
Question: Wanted to know Voxx’s psychic opinion of Howard K. Stern.
Situation: Caller felt thath Howard K. Stern had something to do with Anna Nicole Smith’s suspicious death.

Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith: Eery Astrological similarities of the two troubled celebrities.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Voxx describes the upcoming lunar energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

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  1. Lightly Salted Cashew

    What happened to the female version of “Nice Guy or Vampire? The Sociopathy of Psychic Vampires masquerading as “Nice Guys”; how to tell the difference.” ? Last week I think you stated that the next voxx show would contain the secret masquerading techniques of the female.

  2. Voxx


    Hi LSC,

    Thanks for reminding me — however, you can always call me up and bring up any subject you like, which is what happened last night. Send my any questions a day before the show and I’ll always try to fit it in.


    PS Thanks for listening!

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