Uranus in Aries 0º : Tsunami Prediction Realized

March 12th, 2011 by Voxx

Japanese Flag

My Psychic and Astrological prediction of the Japanese tsunami, which was posted on March 8th, 2011, has unfortunately come true! I only wish my blog could have had been read by those who may have helped to mitigate this terrible disaster of epic proportions.

I send my condolences to the people of the Land of the Rising Sun, and pray they will recover quickly from this tragedy.

That being said, I knew for months that the movement of the powerful planet, Uranus would make its presence known in the merciless sign of Aries, the warrior. Even though Uranus has moved into Aries, it is still 1 degree away from the unlucky 29th degree of Pisces, the same degree of the Fixed Star, Scheat, which I mentioned in my earlier post.

Japan is still in great danger, as its Libra rulership is making a cardinal T-square with Uranus, Mercury, and Pluto, (Lord of the 8th House of Death), which is currently in the earth sign, Capricorn. Read More

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Uranus at 29º Pisces: Perils of Pegasus

March 8th, 2011 by Voxx

You know it’s got to be serious if I’m posting about it! Here we are, at the end of the line, with the powerhouse Uranus, the Lord of Sudden Change at the very end of the sign of Pisces, the 12th, and final sign of the Zodiac.

To make things even more intense, Uranus is conjunct Mercury, the Cosmic Trickster.

Of course, that’s why you’re about to completely lose your patience and explode into tears. If you happened to be a wave in the ocean right now, you would most likely be planning your next Tsunami. Pardon me while I go all Nostradamus on your ass!

[Note: I had a vision of a Japanese geisha holding an octopus as I wrote this!]

The reason for all the drama lies with the Fixed Star, Scheat, (which is probably what you’re all muttering to yourselves right now, lol).

In Astrology, the 29th Degree of Pisces’ association with the star, Scheat is responsible for the following actions:

Imprisonment; Murder, Suicide, Drowning, and Extreme Misfortune.

It is considered Unfortunate to be born under this fixed star, as it has correlations to both the planets Mars and Mercury. Mars brings bloodshed, and cutting, and Mercury brings it quickly. Is there any wonder why the news is full of so much grief and sadness at this particular time?

Well, the “good news”, is that the planet Uranus will soon be moving into the sign of fiery sign of Aries, where although you will get a bat over the head, at least it will be wrapped in red velvet … okay, make that red velcro, and that sticky sound you hear is your wig ripping off. Make that your scalp!

You have been forewarned. At least you know what to expect! Time to make another batch of “Voxx Predicted This” t-shirts.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, read more about Scheat here. And of course, feel free to write me, or schedule a Psychic Reading. You’re going to need it! Ask for the Pegasus Price, and I’ll have mercy on you.

Update: As accurately predicted above, Japan suffered a tremendous Tsunami this morning, as a result of an 8.8 earthquake under the sea! My condolences to the people of Japan. I also predicted the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, 10 years before it happened, in a filmed interview. Give me a call Cal Tech!

Learn more about The Planets, on my Magickal Website.

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More Volcanoes Erupt! Thanks Uranus …

May 29th, 2010 by Voxx

Well, there are two more volcanoes currently erupting, thanks to the powerful Astrological Aspects we’re experiencing now. One of the volcanoes is in Guatemala, and the other is in Ecuador. Expect an onslaught of this kind of explosive energy once Jupiter enters Aries in the next couple of weeks.

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Volcano Katla Set to Erupt

May 28th, 2010 by Voxx

It’s just a matter of time before Katla, the Icelandic volcano explodes. Now that Uranus has entered Aries, and with Jupiter soon to follow, we need to get ready for the changes in weather that are sure to follow.

I’m sure the Full Moon in Sagittarius isn’t helping the situation. Time to evoke the sacred pixies and gnomes of Iceland and beg for help. Stay tuned to this site for updates.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius 2010

May 27th, 2010 by Voxx

What a momentous day! This will be the last Full Moon in Sagittarius, while Uranus is at the last degree of Pisces. We’re going to be on fire, figuratively and literally in the coming weeks. If you’re feeling adventurous and wild, you’ll no doubt act on your inclinations now! Just make sure to have access to enough water to douse out the flames, should it all become too much for you.

The Full Moon will occur at 4:07 and 9 seconds (PST) at 6:30 Degrees Sagittarius; The Ascendant will be 21 Degrees Libra Rising. Write me for a copy of the Astrology Chart for this Full Moon.

If you have planets in Sagittarius and/or Libra near these degrees, you are in for a wonderful jolt of positive energy. Just remember you’re human and you have limits.

Let me know how you’re affected by this onslaught of cosmic energy. Contact me for a Psychic/Astrological Reading if you want to know what’s in store for you during this most exciting time!

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