Jim Morrison: Birthday of The Lizard King!

December 9th, 2006 by Voxx

PF 935437 Spirit of Jim MoToday is a very special day; it’s the 63rd Birthday of rock singer/poet, Jim Morrison, also known as “The Lizard King”.

James Douglas Morrison was born December 8th, 1943 and died on July 3, 1971, at the age of 27. (See my Podcast of 11-27-06 for more info).

Jim holds a very special place in modern music history for being one of the earliest proponents of Shamanism in rock music. He was fascinated by the ways of Native American culture, and strove to reconnect his spirit to the Earth by using his music and lyrics ritualistically, with great success.

Morrison was also a gifted poet achieving widespread critical acclaim for his written works. He was admittedly inspired by the great child poet, Arthur Rimbaud, whom he championed as a personal poetic muse.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius: Breaking Boundaries

December 8th, 2006 by Voxx

jupitergrandOn November 24th, 2006 the planet Jupiter moved into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, where it will stay until December 18th, 2007.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, and astrologically rules the idea of Expansion, Transformation, and Adventure. So, it stands to reason that when Jupiter is transiting his own astrological home turf of Sagittarius he’ll tend to kick all normal boundaries to the curb!

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, occupies the 9th House of the Zodiac, the placement of Foreign Travel, Languages, Philosophy and Higher Knowledge. In light of that fact, Jupiter in Sagittarius will tend to intensify the idea of Freedom in every way, shape and form.

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Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 12/04/06

December 5th, 2006 by Voxx

Here are some highlights from our first live, call-in show, which happened to take place on the Full Moon in Gemini!

  • s loversFull Moon in Gemini
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Astrology of the Santa Ana Winds
  • My Psychic Childhood
  • Tarot: The Thoth Deck
  • Black Magick and Force
  • The Lesser Banishing of Encino
  • Caller #1: Jim the Gemini
  • The Crowley Deck: What’s So Great About It?
  • The 8 of Swords: The Lord of Interference

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Star Signs: Yearly Previews for 2007

December 3rd, 2006 by Voxx

podzodiac1As the current year, 2006 comes to a close, it’s time to start meditating on what you’d like to achieve, and how the upcoming planetary alignments will hinder or help you.

The most important planetary movements to consider are the following: Times of the year when Mercury will be in Retrograde motion; the progression of Saturn, (the planet of Karma); the progression of Pluto, (the planet of Transformation); and finally the yearly Lunar and Solar Eclipses (their houses and degrees).

For those of you who wish to get more detailed information, please write to find out how to order your Yearly Zodiacal Report. You should order the report based upon your Astrological Ascendant. Please feel free to send me any questions regarding how to find out this information.

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Happy Re-Birthday Aleister Crowley!

December 2nd, 2006 by Voxx


Today I’m celebrating the 59th Re-birthday of Edward Alexander Crowley, more commonly known as Aleister Crowley. What is a “re-birthday” you may ask. It’s what I like to call the anniversary of someone’s physical death.

The very fact that you’re now reading this blog is due to the impact of Aleister’s writings on Magick and Metaphysics, the greatest of which is his channeled masterwork, The Book of the Law. Crowley was the man truly responsible for awakening society to the spiritual New Age we have only recently entered.

English-born, Crowley was born on October 12th, 1875 in England, and died on December 1st, 1947 — 59 years ago, today.

Take a moment of your day to learn more about this remarkable man, who lived and breathed Magick. Read the poem Crowley wrote, Hymn to Pan, which was read at his Greater Feast and Funeral.

Crowley’s influence on my life has been enormous. My natural psychic gifts have been strengthened by reading his works, and putting his developmental exercises and discipline into action. Any of my psychic friends and clients who have ever received help from me have Aleister to thank.

I will continue to post items about Crowley on my blog, and I urge you to take the time to read a few of his works. I’m sure you will benefit by the powerful concepts contained in the many books he wrote.

And as Crowley and his merry band of Thelemites are known to say: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law; Love is the Law, Love under will!”

Check out the below links for more info on Crowley, the Man, Myth and Magus.

Crowley’s Books on Thelema: An Index

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