The Veil of Life Hath Fallen …

April 19th, 2007 by Voxx

saturn-planetary-seal.gifWithin the last several weeks, listeners of my Psychic Podcast heard my predictions regarding the violent chaos that would present itself before April 19th, 2007 — when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto would all be in retrograde motion. Unfortunately, my predictions have proven all too true.

Today, in respect of all the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre, I offer this healing invocation, from Liber XV, from The Holy Books of Thelema, written by the Master Therion:

“Unto them from whose eyes the veil of life hath fallen may there be granted the accomplishment of their true Wills; whether they will absorption in the Infinite, or to be united with their chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labour and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else, unto them may there be granted the accomplishment of their wills; yea, the accomplishment of their wills. AUMGN. AUMGN. AUMGN.”

May those of you who have been personally been touched by this tragedy, be comforted during your time of mourning. My thoughts are with you all.

I have done a great deal of magickal research regarding recent events, and I will be posting some important Psychic and Astrological information regarding this situation within the next several days. I look forward to hearing your personal opinions and comments on the Magickal Forum.

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Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 4/16/07

April 17th, 2007 by Voxx


  • Aries Overload: Virginia Tech Massacre; 33 people killed by a student; Astrological connections to the Columbine School Shooting in 1999; Aries Planets in the 12th House.
  • Correct Voxx Predictions: Problems with schools; boats sinking; shootings; Retrograde planets wreaking havoc.
  • Caller Number 1: Kevin (Gemini)
    Question: What is creating his liver enzyme imbalance?
    Situation: His medication is overtaxing his system, creating a toxic imbalance. A preponderance of Libra cards indicates Kidney problems.
  • Tarot Readings & Reading for Oneself: Sometimes it’s not a good idea to do Psychic Readings for yourself when your emotions are agitated.
  • Qabalistic Attributions of Mars: Mars rules pain; blood; The Hebrew word for Blood is DM (44).
  • The Mass of the Phoenix: A Healing Ritual for the Blood.
  • Medical Astrology & the Tarot.
  • Caller Number 1, Question 2: Caller wants to know what will happen regarding a business transaction?
    Situation: The Caller wants to know how to deal with a difficult person.
  • Voxx Predictions Regarding Weather: Voxx correctly predicted a longer winter; Puxatawney Phil was wrong.
  • Caller Number 2: Lynn (Pisces, Leo Rising)
    Question Number 1: What is the Voxx opinion regarding Sylvia Browne?
    Question Number 2: Caller wants to know more about her career as a Tarot Reader, also about her Musical career.
  • The New Moon: Aries New Moon happens at 27:05 Degrees.
  • Caller Number 3: Anne (Virgo)
    Question: Caller wants to know if there Is there any hope for an ended relationship.
    Situation: The Caller and her ex-boyfriend are both Virgos; Voxx goes into their situation in-depth. (Voxx psychically describes the Caller).
  • Caller Number 4: Angie (Leo)
    Question: What should she pursue as a career?
    Situation: Caller wants to be an actress; will she be successful?
  • Two Futures: The one you’re born with; and the one you create.
  • Caller Number 5: Kathleen (Gemini)
    Question 1: Should the Caller stay in a 14-year relationship?
    Situation: The boyfriend is a Sagittarius; How to handle a Karmic relationship.
    Question 2: What’s the outcome if the Caller refinances her house?
  • Caller Number 6: Divara (Sagittarius)
    Question: Caller wants to know about her family and her Scorpio husband’s health.
    Situation: The stress of family life is taking a toll on her husband’s health.
  • Saturn in Leo: Saturn goes direct in Leo on April 19th.

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Friday The 13th

April 14th, 2007 by Voxx

superstition.jpgBeing as today was Friday the 13th, I decided to do a Tarot Reading (using, as always — The Book of Thoth Tarot). I asked the Psychic reason for the phenomena known as Paraskevidkatriaphobia, in other words, Fear of Friday the 13th. The former syndrome is somewhat related to Triskadecaphobia, an irrational fear of the Number 13.

The Tarot Reading: The cards I pulled were 1) The Sun; 2) The Ace of Cups; and 3) The 3 of Swords; 4) The top card was 7 of Disks; and 5) The bottom card was the Queen of Wands.

Tarot Translation: The Sun card indicated that the fears are exaggerated and overblown; The Ace of Cups shows the linking of the Divine Feminine (Cups) with the fear of the 13 Lunar Months, representing the female fertility cycle; and the 3 of Swords again shows this fear creates its own misfortune by worry and the power of rumor. The 7 of Disks shows that the fear of this number (especially when it falls on a Friday), causes people to hesitate to start any new venture at this time. Funny, since 13 is the number of fertility! The Queen of Wands tends to back up my assumption, as the real fear of this card is linked to the Goddess and her power of creation.

I then asked if Paraskevidkatriaphobia was Christian in origin and received the 8 of Disks as an answer. This shows this information has been written about, and projected as fact. This answer showed the foundation of this irrational fear originated from these two situations: 1) The destruction of Constantinople; and 2) The martyrdom of Jacques DeMolay at the hands of King Phillipe of France.

I then asked if either Paraskevidkatriaphobia was Pagan in origin and received Fortune (The Wheel) as an answer. This showed there was no Pagan foundation to this belief — actually, quite the opposite!

My final question was if people should really worry about Friday the 13th, and the answer was: The Magus, in essence, no — people should not allow the fear of Friday the 13th to affect them in a negative way. The reading also intimates to me that those who actively fear the date Friday the 13th, tend to create their own misfortunes.

For more info on the origins of the idea of bad luck on Friday the 13th, and check out what Wikipedia has to say about the subject. Feel free to check out my Magickal Forum and post your own experiences with Metaphysics and Magick.

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The Book of the Law: 103rd Anniversary, Day 3

April 11th, 2007 by Voxx

bol-Ra-Hoor-Khuit.jpgDo What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law!

Today, Thelemites are celebrating the Feast of The Third Day of the Writing of The Book of The Law, which was channeled by The Master Therion (aka Aleister Crowley), by his Holy Guardian Angel, Aiwass — the Messenger of the current Aeon of Horus, The Crowned and Conquering Child.

History of the Book of The Law: See the previous entry for the history of this prophetic book.

The Book of the Law, Feast of the 3rd Day of Writing: The Book of the Law was written in three consecutive days, starting on April 8th, 9th and 10th, in 1904, e.v., and was psychically dictated to Crowley between the hours of Noon to 1:00 pm, during that 3-day period. Today, on April 10th, is celebrated as the Third Day that Crowley channeled the first Thelemic Holy Book. On the First Day, Crowley channeled the words of the Egyptian Sky Goddess, Nuit. On the Second Day, Crowley channeled the words of the Egyptian God, Hadit. Today, is the anniversary of the day that he channeled the Third, and final chapter, whose words were inspired by Ra-Hoor-Khuit, the God of War.

Suggested Thelemic Rituals: Some suggestions for attuning yourself to the 93rd Current would be to perform the listed Thelemic Rituals during this extra magickal time of the Thelemic year:

  • Reading and/or Writing of Chapter 1,2, or 3 (depending on the day);
  • Liber Resh (Four times per day, for all three days);
  • The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (before “Resh”);
  • Reciting “Will” at each meal;
  • Greater Invocation of the Pentagram (once per day)
  • Liber Reguli (at least once per day, for all three days);
  • Mass of the Phoenix (once per day, or at least once on Day 3);
  • Practice of Liber E and Liber O.
  • Sex Magick (all three days, and then some!)

How I Celebrated Today: Personally, I spent the hour between Noon and 1PM typing out the entirety of Chapter III. I do this every year, (sometimes writing the chapters out in long-hand), and it really gives me a magickal charge. It seems going through the action of writing this book for myself, really lets me feel and see for myself what Aiwass is really trying to communicate through the writing of this Book.

Read the The Book of the Law in its entirety on my Magickal School Site by clicking the link. It’s also a great idea to just simply buy a copy by using the Amazon links above, at the beginning of this entry.

More Celebrations: Tonight at midnight will conclude my celebration of the three Feast Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law. Please visit my Magickal Forum, where I will be posting special Astrology Charts and Articles about Thelema, and the work of The Master Therion.

Love is the Law; Love Under Will!

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Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 4/9/07

April 10th, 2007 by Voxx


  • Second Day of the Writing of the Book of The Law.
  • Caller Number 1: Rachel (Capricorn)
    Question: She’s depressed about her love life with a Leo.
    Situation: She can’t learn to trust her husband after a series of betrayals. Saturn in Leo is making things difficult for her husband; she will need to move on from this relationship eventually.
  • Caller Number 2: Vanessa (Taurus)
    Question: She’s having an anxiety attack regarding worries about eviction.
    Situation: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, making life seem chaotic.
  • Caller Number 3: Anna (Gemini)
    Question: Wants to learn how to get her career off the ground.
    Situation: Pluto’s transit in Sagittarius is creating serious transformation in her career. Her future soul mate is linked to her career transformation.
  • Caller Number 4: Onyx (Virgo)
    Question: Will a career decision prove beneficial? What about future children?
    Situation: After a bout of cancer, he wonders if he’ll be able to have children with his Scorpio girlfriend.
  • Caller Number 5: Willette (Scorpio)
    Question: Should she get into Fashion Design, or stay in Publishing?
    Situation: Caller wants to know which career will bring more success; Success isn’t always about making money.
  • Caller Number 6: Dan (Aries)
    Question: How can he salvage his career?
    Situation: After suffering a catastrophic career loss, how should he plan for his future?
  • Moon in Capricorn: People become interested in their work issues.
  • Caller Number 7: Stephanie (Scorpio)
    Question: Should she move? When, where and how?
    Situation: Problems with her family have necessitated an important move.
  • Caller Number 8: Kali (Virgo)
    Question: She’s concerned about her brother’s mental health.
    Situation: Her brother tried to commit suicide. What can she do to help?
  • Caller Number 9: Darren (Taurus)
    Question: When should he move?
    Situation: He needs to find a bigger place, and needs to know when’s the soonest he can move.
  • Caller Number 10: Fin (Gemini)
    Question: What’s going on with the oppression in his writing career?
    Situation: He can’t seem to get any constructive advice. He feels he’s being oppressed by Goetia Spirits.
  • Goetia Spirits: Background on what The Goetia is about; Liber Samekh.
  • Thoth: Patron God of Writers.
  • Magickal Insights: Liber 777; Assumption of God Forms; How Magick Rituals work.

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