The Voxx Show: Podcast 31

August 2nd, 2007 by Voxx


  • Podcast 31: Originally recorded on 7/16/07.
  • Venus In Virgo: Did it cause an Earthquake in Japan?
  • The Moon Void of Course: An explanation.
  • Caller Number 1: Kathleen (Gemini).
  • Question 1: What makes the Tarot so accurate?
  • Situation: Voxx explains several factors that make the Tarot so accurate, including Astrological factors.
  • Using the Tarot: The Key to Past Lives.
  • Question 2: Caller needs to make a decision regarding a career decision.
  • Situation: Voxx discusses the Moon Void-of-Course and its affect on Psychic Readings.
  • Libra The Sign of Indecision.
  • The God Variable: The limits of Psychic Prophecy.
  • Caller Number 2: Vanessa (Taurus).
  • Question: A caller, currently going through a painful divorce, wonders about her romantic future.
  • Tarot Reading: Queen of Disks, 9 of Swords and the 10 of Wands.
  • David Beckham & Venus in Gemini: Voxx gives a bit of insight into the love life of David Beckham and his wife Victoria (aka “Posh Spice”).
  • Venus and Mercury Conjunct in Gemini: It’s affect on the love life.
  • Caller Number 3: Heather (Scorpio).
  • Question: Caller wants to learn more about her Virgo husband and his Astrology Chart.
  • Virgo Stellium: Voxx explains the effects of having the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo.
  • Question Number 2: Should Heather’s Virgo husband accept a new job offer?
  • Tarot Reading: The 9 of Cups and the 6 of Swords.
  • Caller Number 4: Finious (Gemini).
  • Question: Caller wants to know if he’s crazy after claiming to have physically seen a ghost.
  • Psychic Vision: Physical Vision vs. Astral Vision.

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