Happy Candlemass 2007!

February 2nd, 2007 by Voxx

st brideFebruary 2nd is the time of Midwinter, celebrated as the Pagan holiday known as Imbolc, more commonly known as Candlemass, (also spelled “Candlemas”). Astrologically, this holiday is celebrated when the Sun is at 15 Degrees of Aquarius.

Imbolc, literally means,”in the belly” (of the Mother), for the seeds that are planted at the Winter Solstice are beginning to grow.

Symbolism of Imbolc: This is a time for ritual purification, and is a major Fire Festival (one of 4 celebrated by the ancient Celts). Sacred fires marked this holiday, in honor of the Maiden, Brigid (also known as Brigit) who symbolized the fire of healing and birth. In essence, this holiday celebrates the beginning return of the sun.

Although this is a season of coldness and rain, the sun is actually closest to earth at this time, even though we do not feel its warmth. It is at this time that we bring light into our lives.

Symbolism of Candlemass: Known as the “Festival of Lights”, at this time, we prepare light so that the goddess Brigid may find her way out of the darkness and return to us. In pagan lore, this is the time where Brigid (the Celtic Fire Goddess) acts as midwife to Spring, and this is the beginning of that season. Brigid is the triple goddess of poetry, smithcraft, and medicine.

Myths of the Goddess Brigid: The daughter of Spring is born of the White Goddess after her sexual union with the Horned God last Beltane. Under another name, Branwen, the virgin fertility goddess is invoked at this time.

bridgets cross It is also customary to weave “Brigid’s Cross” from straw and hang it upon the hearth. This is made in the shape of a wheel and during a sabbat, it is rolled down a hill while burning. At this time, a Witch attempts to understand the direction his or her life is taking. The Oak King rules.

Brigit as Bride: In Ireland, the Candlemass holiday is celebrated as the Feast Day of Brigid of the Candles (also known as “Bridget of Kildare”, the Celtic goddess of fire, the hearth, smithy, fields, poetry, and childbirth.)

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Venus in Sagittarius: Giddy-Up!

November 18th, 2006 by Voxx

Today at 00:02 am, PST (3:02 am, EST), Venus, the Planet of Love, moved into the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius where it will enjoy a nice romp in the hay until until December 11th, 2006. It’s Sexy Time! Find out all the naughty things you need to be doing right now!

Venus just loves Big Papa Jove, the original big spender. Sagittarius lends Lady Venus a sense of psycho-sexual/spiritual release, combined with a much-needed element of fun and excitement that comes just in time (pun not intended).

To hell with keeping all that angst bottled up inside! It’s time to get down and dirty with honesty. Besides, it’s your life isn’t it? Whatever you do, no matter who you get the hots for right about now, just do a quickie Vegas Wedding, and try to make sure the ceremony isn’t legal. After all, you don’t wanna wake up in a month (after Venus has moved into sober Capricorn), and find out you forgot to sign a Pre-Nup!

Skip the novels this month while you can live a life worthy of being ghost-written by Jackie Collins. Since Sagittarius rules the 9th House of Higher Education, Foreign Travel, Publishing and Spirituality, here is a handy list of things to do while Venus spins deliriously thru Sagittarius:

* Join the Mile-High Club;

* Skip the headlines, and go straight for the Comics;

* Pitch a tent in the desert and go native (don’t forget your herbs)!

* Watch all the Mitch Hedberg videos on YouTube;

* Go commit a few interesting sins and get saved at the last minute;

* Move to Kazakhstan and chill with some of Borat’s relatives;

* Send some sexy e-mails to Stephen Hawkings (it’s cool, he’s about to get a divorce anyway!)

* Volunteer to be a nude model for a community college Art Class.

In other words … let’s get this party started! WahWahWeeWah!

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Get Thee Behind Me, Venus in Scorpio!

November 18th, 2006 by Voxx

Gone are the intense, mind/sex games many of you have experienced while Venus was playing the bitch in Scorpio (the sign of its detriment), since October 24th.

Even the most hard-headed skeptics of Astrology will have to agree that Venus’ stay in “evil-spawn” Scorpio has made for some pretty nasty breakups and sex scandals lately. Here’s the current list of Venus in Scorpio Meltdowns

The Venus in Scorpio Casualty List

1) Whitney & Bobby: The Not-So-Greatest-Love of All!

It all seemed to start with the much-awaited sound of Whitney Houston’s Jimmy Choo heels kicking Bobby Brown to the curb once and for all.

2) Reese & Ryan: D-I-V-O-R-C-E!

Then it all went South when Miss Reese’s fell to pieces after checking Ryan’s Batphone and finding it full of sexy messages that weren’t addressed to “Ms. Oscar-Winning Actress”. Guess Ryan never learned to Walk the Line. Maybe Reese will decide to play Tammy Wynette in a run for Oscar Number 2!

3) Splitney & Fed-Ex: Bet she’d like to hit him one more time!

Don’t you think it’s weird that Splitney’s biggest hits had such prophetic titles? For instance …

* “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)”
* “Oops, I Did It Again!”
* “I’m a Slave 4 U”
* “Toxic” (this is her last hit before hookin’ up with the Postman).

I’m just sayin’! Anyway, for all of you out there who are new to the study of Astrology, maybe you’ll realize it’s not just coincidence.

Remember to come back and see what I have to say about Splitney and Fed-Ex’s upcoming “Divorce Spectacular!” Of course, we really do hope the kids involved in all of these scandals will be okay.

Hey celebrities! Why don’t you give me a call before you get married next time?!

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