Astrology of an Earthquake

November 17th, 2006 by Voxx

No doubt you’ve all heard by now about the undersea earthquake that happened on Wednesday, November 15th. The quake struck at 6:15 a.m. EST (8:15 pm, Tokyo Time), about 245 miles East of the island known in Japan as Etorofu, in the Kuril Islands. Other reports stated that the quake happened near Kunashiri Island.

Ever the night-owl, I just happened to be awake when the news of the quake came over the internet, and I decided to cast the Astrological Chart for Japan and the earthquake to see if I could identify any Planetary factors. Here’s my Astrological take on what caused the quake (and ensuing mini-tsunami):

I had to use the coordinates for the Kuril Islands, that claim the area as under the rulership of the Russian Federation, as the Kunishiri Islands are not listed on any Astrology programs, but the degrees of longitude and latitude were still correct.

The earthquake’s Ascendant was Conjunct Japan’s 2nd House at exactly 3 Degrees Cancer; how’s that for precision timing? The 2nd House is ruled by Taurus, (an Earth sign), which I’ve often noted has a way of popping up when the Earth moves.

Something else that’s of interest regarding the Taurean aspect of the quake is that Japan’s 12th House contains both Neptune (associated with Pisces/Water) at 29 Degrees of Taurus (intense to say the least!) Pluto is also in Japan’s 12th House at 3 Degrees of Gemini (Pluto associated with Scorpio/Water). There goes that 3rd Degree again. And to add more weight to Neptune in Taurus in Japan’s 12th House, it was keeping serious company there with the asteroid Pallas-Athena Conjunct Neptune in Taurus at 29 Degrees exactly. Wow.

Also, Japan’s natal Sun in Aquarius at 22 Degrees, was Squared exactly by the quake’s Sun at 22 Degrees in Scorpio. No coincidence.

Other factors include Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio at 9 Degrees Scorpio in the quake’s 6th House, which is ruled by none other than the planet Mercury! Also, there’s a group of planets currently overdosing in Scorpio right now (technically called a “Stellium”, or group of stars), so ALL of these planets (are having a Squaring effect on Japan’s Natal Sun).

But, I feel the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”, was the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio (which will happen at exactly 28 Degrees, exactly Conjuncting the quake’s Jupiter!) Not to mention the added force of the quake’s Venus at 27 Degrees Scorpio! See there goes that Venus/Taurus connection again! Of course, the New Moon in Scorpio (which will happen on November 20th), is within a 6 Degree orb of Japan’s Natal Sun, thus creating another tension-filled Square.

They say the shadows of the Planets are felt BEFORE they actually make their aspects, and this quake is certainly proving that dictum, quite well!

I’m just glad that the accompanying Tsunami that happened after the quake, was just a small one! I’m glad that Mercury will be going direct tomorrow (Friday), but that doesn’t mean the boat won’t keep rocking until December 4th! Be careful until then.

For those of you who’d like to learn more about Astrology, feel free to ask any questions you’d like, or take the time to enroll in one of my upcoming Classes!


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