Robert Anton Wilson: Prometheus Rising, 2007

January 12th, 2007 by Voxx

rawbabalon 1“Nothing is true. All is permitted.” _ Hasan i Sabbah

Robert Anton Wilson left his earthly vehicle for a late-model astral body, leaving the chaotic shores of Gaia for possibly the last time at 4:50 am (PST), on Thursday, January 11, 2007, with the Moon at 29 Degrees Libra.

According to a news source, Robert had been in ill health for the past several years. He suffered from the effects of post-polio syndrome which had severely damaged his legs and weakened his body. After a serious fall in June 2006, Robert was unable to walk, and confined to bed. Many of his closest family, friends and fans rallied around the author during his last several months to support him emotionally and even financially, for which Wilson was truly grateful.

Wilson, or RAW as he was popularly known, was a prolific author, penning a wide range of fascinating work during his long, and eventful life. Among his works left behind, are novels and essays.

In addition to being a celebrated author, he was also a philosopher, psychologist, futurist, anarchist, and conspiracy theorist.

bobcrowleyA small selection of Wilson’s best-known works include such popular books as:

  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975) including the following:
  • (The Eye in the Pyramid)
  • (The Golden Apple)
  • (Leviathan)
  • The Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati (1977)
  • Schrodinger’s Cat (Trilogy, 1980-1981)
  • Masks of the Illuminati (1981)
  • The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles (1982-1991)
  • Prometheus Rising (1983, revised 1987), and
  • Quantum Psychology (1990)

He was also friends with the late Timothy Leary, with whom he collaborated on two books, Neuropolitics and The Game of Life.

I had the personal good fortune to meet Robert several times over the last several years. Here I go, taking an acid trip down memory lane …

s death 1My Personal Remembrance: I was privileged to have met Robert in 1988 with his late wife Arlin at the home of respected author and occultist Laura Jennings and her husband Peter Yorke, when they lived in West Los Angeles.

I met him again several times after that, once most notably at one of his lectures on Sex Magick, which was held in a Masonic Lodge in Culver City. It was standing-room only, as he blew the lid off the Sex Magick Secrets of the O.T.O., citing particular passages from one of Aleister Crowley‘s masterpieces, Liber 333, also known as The Book of Lies, (Falsely So Called). I can still hear him reading aloud from Chapter 69, The Way to Succeed, and the Way to Suck Eggs!

Speaking of Crowley, Robert was one of the few people with the intelligence to see behind the veil of the Great Beast‘s writings. He expounded Crowley’s views with brilliance and flair — not to mention a great deal of humor. What a wonderfully outrageous man he was. He always had a sparkle in his eye and a the hint of laughter in his voice.

Robert, you will be greatly missed down here on Earth. We can only hope that wherever you are, you’ll continue to kick our asses down here, and wake us up to all that we can truly be.

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  1. Dr. Billiken

    RAW is gone?! WAAAA….! I was RAISED by that guy, well, on a very obtuse intellectual plane, but practically as well… he helped me untangle years of religious, stupid American brainwashing as well as helping me to remember to QUESTION AUTHORITY and EVERYTHING in this world is accomplished by CONSPIRACY ALONE!

    Man, I can’t wait to shake his hand on the other side.

    Thanks, big brother. R.I.P. RAW!


  2. Ron Klett

    I raised my mind on RAW as well, to cleanse my old tunnle visions with his interprtations of Timmothy leary’s 8 circuts, cut me down to bare conditioning. Prometheus Rising was my first taste of RAW, and definitely wasnot the last. Hail to a supreme terra being such as him.


  3. Voxx


    Thanks for praise for Robert Anton Wilson. He lives on!


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