The Numerology of the Year 2007

January 21st, 2007 by Voxx

s magusThe New Year 2007 equals a 9 and will therefore, will be an important cycle for most people to pay attention to, especially if you are born under the influence of the Number 1 or 2 (which will be explained below). Here’s a handy guideline of what energies you will be dealing with most during the upcoming year.

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Number 9 years are particularly interesting as adding that number to any number from 1 through 9 winds up equaling the same number.

For example, if you’re a Number 1 Path, and you add 9, you get 10 (which reduces back down to the number 1 again!) Therefore, all of us will tend to really be in our own element this year; that is, except for those born under the influence of Number 2. 2’s will experience an 11 year, which will certainly prove to be a high point in their lives.  Check here for more on Keywords of the Numbers and Planets.

To find out what kind of year is in store for you, keep reading!

Life Path 1: This will be a 1 year for you, as 9+1=10, or 1. The number is 1 is ruled by the Sun. Expect a year filled with new beginnings, which will require courage and strength, as well as personal vision. Expect to hear of a new addition to the family this year. You’ll have lots of energy to accomplish your dreams this year.

Life Path 2: This will be a 11 year for you, as 9+2=11 (a Master Number, therefore, not reduced to a single digit). The number is 11 is ruled by the Moon. Expect an emotion-packed year filled with a heightened sense of sensitivity, as well as increased intuition. Relationships will be of the utmost importance, causing us to feel more emotionally attached. Singles will have a greater chance of finding that special partner.

Life Path 3: This will be a 3 year for you, as 9+3=12, or 3. The number is 3 is ruled by Jupiter. Expect a year filled with enjoyable activities. The Arts in all its forms will make your life a more fulfilling place. This will really be one of those years you look back on with great happiness. Have fun, the world is yours!

Life Path 4: This will be a 4 year for you, as 9+4=13, or 4. The number is 4 is ruled by Uranus. Expect a year filled with good hard work. However, this work should be directed toward the fulfillment of your deepest desires. Time to start organizing your papers, getting rid of all the things (and people) that have been blocking your progress for awhile now. Don’t worry, the reward for all your work will set up the way for the changes that will certainly come in 2008!

Life Path 5: This will be a 5 year for you, as 9+5=14, or 5. The number is 5 is ruled by Mercury. Expect a year filled with as much excitement as you can handle — and that’s really saying something, since change is what you thrive on. You’ll finally be traveling this year; on the phone constantly and networking yourself into a positive situation. Make sure to rest, as you’re going to need all the energy you can muster to get through this very busy, and satisfying year.

Life Path 6: This will be a 6 year for you, as 9+6=15, or 6. The number 6 is ruled by Venus. Expect a year filled with beautifying yourself, and your home. After a hectic year in 2006, you’ll finally feel more secure with yourself and your situation. Time to relax and enjoy the fruit of all your hard work for the last several years — you’ve earned it! A great time to add to the family, now that your life should be feeling more settled.

Life Path 7: This will be a 7 year for you, as 9+7=16, or 7. The number 7 is ruled by Neptune. Expect a year filled with deeper insight into who you are and what you truly need to be happy. This may include sudden endings, possibly break-ups. It’s not bad news however, whatever or whomever is still in your life by the end of this year, will most likely be in your life for quite some time to come. If you’re in a bad situation, it’s time to finally say goodbye and get it over with. Don’t worry, you’re doing the right thing. Time to take a trip to that place you’ve been dreaming of for so long, and get your head together.

Life Path 8: This will be a 8 year for you, as 9+8=17, or 8. The number 8 is ruled by Saturn. Expect a year filled with big business, and lots of money changing hands. This is the time to make your big move and get the reward for your great ideas! No more procrastinating! Time to get a move on, and play with the big boys. It’s all about networking and using your entrepreneurial skills this year.

Life Path 9: This will be a 9 year for you, as 9+9=18, or 9. The number 9 is ruled by Mars. Expect a year filled more creativity than you’ve experienced in many years. You’ll be more intuitive than ever. Begin living the life you’ve been dreaming about for the last 8 years. Love, spirituality, and dreams will become your guiding forces — Act on your hunches, and great things will happen as a result. You attract interesting people and situations into your life now. Towards the end of the year, go someplace to recharge your batteries, so you’ll be ready for your Number 1 year, in 2008!

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