Year of the Golden Fire Pig: Happy New Year 4705!

February 19th, 2007 by Voxx

chineseglyph pigHappy New Year to all of you! For those who wish to know the specific Chinese name, it’s the year of the Ting Hai Fire Boar (more commonly known as a pig).

Today, February 18, 2007 is considered the true beginning of the New Year, according to the Chinese calendar. As such, it is the single most important celebration of the year.

The Chinese celebrate their New Year on the date of the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice (which occurs approximately on December 21st, each year).

Calculating their months by using a Lunar calendar, the Chinese start each new month on the New Moon (the “darkest” day of the Moon). Ordinarily, the celebration of the New Year begins on the first day of the month, continuing on to the fifteenth day of the month, when the Full Moon occurs (the “brightest” day of the Moon).

The people of China are able to take weeks vacation from their jobs in order to prepare and celebrate this most auspicious time of year.

Year of the Golden Fire Pig: The year 2007 is the Year of the Pig, specifically, the Red Fire Pig. In particular, this is a very special Pig year considered to be “Golden”, and it’s extremely lucky for parent to bring children into the world during the next 12 months, as the child will bring good fortune (as well as be lucky themselves.)

The Sign of the Pig: According to ancient lore, people born during the Year of the Pig, are socially adept, popular, have many loyal friends (and are wonderful friends themselves). They are diligent workers, who enjoy prosperity in order to surround themselves with the luxurious rewards for all their dedication. The are considered to be quite affectionate, and loving and make wonderful partners to whomever is lucky enough to win their love.

Famous Piggies: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and David Letterman.

Historical Piggies: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ernest Hemingway, and Alfred Hitchcock.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chinese Astrology, or want to know more about your Chinese Astrology Sign, contact me for more info!

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  1. Diane

    am I a Golden Pig??
    I am rather confused, always thought I was a boar ! and a plain ol’ one at that.
    Got any info for me please.

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