Britney Spears Predicts Her Own Downfall!

February 21st, 2007 by Voxx

britneycrystalballAccording to news reports, reporter Chris Nashawaty, of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, recently remembered a bizarre interview he had with Britney merely five years ago.

When he asked Britney to describe her own possible future downfall, she made a startling psychic prediction of her own:

According to Nashawaty: “I asked her to imagine how her charmed life could go wrong. At the time, she had Number 1 records, fame, millions of dollars in the bank, and Justin. What would happen if, 10 years from now, they decided to make a VH1 Behind the Music episode about her? What would the detours and missteps have been? How would she have fallen from grace?

Britney looked at me like I was insane.

”Oh… my… God!”
After thinking it over for a minute, she unspooled the Britney crash-and-burn.

Britney’s Prediction of Her Future Downfall: ”First, the worst thing that could happen is if my boyfriend would break up with me. I would be totally devastated,” she said. ”And then, after the depression, maybe I did some dorky movies that were just bombs. Then… I don’t know, maybe I did another album that didn’t do very well. And then, I went back to working at my granny’s deli — back to rolling quarters and boiling crawfish and smelling like fish on my dates.”

Voxx Comment: Thus, spaketh Britney. I couldn’t have predicted it any better myself, sad to say. Here’s hoping there’s a better ending to Brit’s current story, but frankly — after checking out of rehab twice in one week, (after less than a 24-hour stay in each facility) does not bode well for the former pop princess.

As K-Fed has learned, “Life comes at you fast!”

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