Angelina Jolie, Voodoo Priestess?

March 8th, 2007 by Voxx

angelina jolie voodooAccording to news reports, Angelina Jolie has become infatuated with the Voudoun religion, more popularly known as Voodoo.

It would be interesting to find out from a reliable source just which Voodoo tradition Angelina is interested in, as she is purportedly currently studying with a Voudoun Priestess. I can only hope Angie is being guided faithfully by a true Initiate.

The Voudoun Religion: Largely unknown to the general public, there are several traditions of Voodoo to choose from. Santeria is the most commonly known, although there are the additional Voodoo practices of Palo Mayombe or Macumba, the latter of which are most closely descended from the ancient religion of Nigeria.

It hardly surprises me that Angelina would become interested in such a primal, ancient religion. After all, Angelina has several planets in the zodiac sign of Aries (ruled by the planet Mars), which makes her open-minded about experiencing all manner of intriguing philosophies, as well as the performance of spiritual practices which are considered untraditional by the general American public.

Angelina the Pioneer: Although Angelina was born a Gemini, she has the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter all conjunct in the sign of Aries, the Ram. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which in turn rules the blood (See Liber 777, by Aleister Crowley). The connection between blood and Voodoo is no small detail, as the blood sacrifice of various animals is an integral part of the Voudoun religion.

Now, before you get it all twisted, the practice of Voodoo is an ancient practice, and is in essence, a Pagan religion. As such, blood sacrifice in this context is not to be considered evil, nor demonic.*

Seeking Spiritual Solace: Since Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, recently passed away — it would be easy to see why Angie would seek to explore the Voudoun religion, as it offers a chance to commune with the spirits of the dead in a more palpable way than almost any other faith. I hope that Angie will receive some healing through her whatever religion brings her peace of mind.

For those interested in learning more about the Voodoo religion, please feel free to contact me regarding classes and helpful links. I will post more info on this subject soon.

* [Note: For my Christian readers, it would be wise to remember that it was the good son Abel’s sacrifice of livestock that pleased the Lord the most.]

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  1. dark faith

    you know it would be interesting to post on celebrity past lives and reincarnations, i am specialy intersted in angelina jolie of she had had past lives with brad or her children, or iven if shiloh had past lives on her own or with angelina, i went to youre reincarnation section and there was nothing there.

  2. Rita

    Wow, that makes her hotter than ever!!!

  3. Andrea

    Wow, but it somewhat doesn’t suprise me that she would in voodoo. This is Angelina Jolie were talking about..she’s open about anything..or will to try anything.

    Oh and Voxx!!.. Christina Aguilera’s birthdate is December 18, 1980.which makes her a sag..but she has to be one sag that hasnt been losing her mind unlike Britney or RIP Anna Nicole Smith!!!

  4. vince

    Abel’s murder by Cain didn’l seem to piss “god’ off too much either…The Blood Is The Life…

  5. Sandy

    Is it possible for a voodoo priestess to take a curse off somebody and were can one be found? I need help with what is going on with me — I don’t know a lot about it. I really do need help please contact me, thank you!

  6. ROZA

    AJ is EVIL!! and she’s using and abusing the DOGON, DAGON, for here own personal, political and financial gains at the expense of thousands of lives that she’s ALREADY sacreficed for her selfish, egotistical, greedy ways. She has you all fooled by adopting for publisities sake and a LYING THEIF!! I should know, since she’s related to either Cheney or Clinton and friends of not only the Bush clan; whom were part of along with Montreal, Ottawa…in regards to over 3000 people that were intentionally given tainted blood Hep C optained from a Texas Prison. And who knows what else….The only people she’s helping is herself!!! Vril can’t stand a lier and she is one big time!!! She through the help of brad Pitt and relation to Obama, wire taping that went on not only in the usa but here in Canada also; She, they stole from me and my family and are tring to frame me for their crimes on humanity by pretending to be heros, when their the Sinners, thieves, liers, murders. And it doesn’t matter who it is nor what relgion it is either. If she thinks that she is Nef or is it Jezabel, then she should remember her place and bow down to ISIS!!! and Osiris!!!Not to mention Galzu!!! She needs a reality check, big time as does Brad. You fakes. And stop stealing my personal info for your own personal financial gains you heathens!!! Trying to score points that aren’t yours to score nor yours to profit from in anyway shape or form!…Lets not forget that their part of the corrupted cia cocaine, heroin ect traficing bunch and users too. Hypocrites setting everybody up!!!

  7. Jamey

    I am very interested in the study of Voodoo. Please contact me. Thank you,
    Jamey 10/29/1979

  8. Voxx

    Hi Jamey, I will send you a list of my classes on the subject. Happy New Year 2012! ~V~

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