Voxx The Psychic Podcast: 3/19/07

March 21st, 2007 by Voxx


  • Astrological News of the Week: Recent Solar Eclipse in Pisces; New Moon in Pisces; Vernal Equinox coming up.
  • Caller Number 1: Scorpio Girl.
    Question: What’s Going to Happen to her Abusive Co-Worker?
    Tarot Reading: Ace of Swords, 5 of Disks, and 4 of Disks.
    Conversation: Reporting a co-worker’s sexual harassment could get him fired; should she fear retaliation?
  • Caller Number 2: Kevin (Gemini).
    Question: What will happen regarding his Medical Situation? Should he switch medications?
    Tarot Reading: 10 of Cups, 10 of Wands, and 9 of Disks; followed by the 9 of Cups.
    Conversation: New medication can heal, but will it prove too toxic for his fragile health? Caller receives an advisement to stay on current meds; Caller rants about fake enlightenment promised by various Magickal Orders.
  • Psychic Protection: The use of certain crystals can offer Psychic Protection; such as, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline.
  • Voxx Tarot Instruction: News about Voxx’s new Tarot Book and deck. Voxx is one of the only true teachers of the Book of Thoth.
  • Caller Number 3: Kip (Capricorn; Thelemite)
    Question: Why does she hesitate to do the right thing? What happens when people don’t listen to my advice? Wishes she had listened to Voxx the first time; People with Scorpio Rising enjoy scaring people.
  • Voxx’s Vision Confirmed: Voxx saw Kip going to Santa Monica City College, where she had already enrolled.
  • The Superiority/Inferiority Complex: How it works.
  • The Smiths: Quoting lyrics from “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.”
  • George W. Bush: A valuable lesson from “The Decider”.
  • Disrespecting Pagan Veterans: Pagans have been forbidden to use the symbol of the Pentagram on their gravestones.
  • Voxx vs. The Buddha: The Enlightenment of Huang Po; Yoga; and Mudras.
  • Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA: How the Holy Guardian Angel directs the Magician.
  • Zulu: Magickal Tattoo Artist of Los Angeles.
  • Caller Number 4: Rose (Taurus).
    Question: What does her dream of a Black Car with a Red Top mean?
    Tarot Reading: Hanged Man, 6 of Disks, and 2 of Swords.
    Conversation: Voxx advises the caller on how to get her career moving forward.
  • Qabalistic Dream Interpretation: The Tower Trump; explosive Mars force.
  • Colors and Dreams: Black and Red; Symbols of Binah and Geburah.
  • Synchronicity: Caller admits to having dreamt of the Tower Card.
  • Tarot Dream Interpretation: 5 of Wands, and The Universe indicate an intense level of Saturn energy.
  • Astrological Dream Interpretation: 5 of Wands, Saturn in Leo squares the Caller’s own Saturn in Aquarius.
  • Tarot Reading Regarding Love: 9 of Disks indicates the Caller’s Relationship seems a bit settled. Future Love Life and a new partner are indicated by Knight of Cups and Nine of Cups are drawn. New love arrives after a career change.
  • Caller Number 5: Vanessa (Taurus).
    Question: What’s the cause of her Aries’ daughter’s bad behavior?
    Numerology: Mother is a 33, Husband is an 11, Daughter is an 11. What does this mean?
    Tarot Reading: 5 of Wands and The Tower.
    Conversation: The Caller’s 4-year old daughter is a drama queen, and is seriously misbehaving. The child is seeking attention and is conscious imitating psychologically imbalanced behavior of a relative.
  • This Week’s Planetary Info: Moon enters Aries; Sun at 29 Degrees Pisces; Vernal Equinox on March 20th, 2007 at 7:48 pm (PST).
  • Caller Number 6: Barbara (Aquarius).
    Question: What can she do to generate money? She’s facing eviction. Voxx advises the caller on how to get out of being evicted and straightening her life out. The “Secret” is a Delusion.

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