Bael: Goetia Spirit of the Week

March 24th, 2007 by Voxx

Baal best picAbout Bael: Bael, is the first Principal Spirit mentioned in the The Lemegeton, (aka The Lemegeton, and The Lesser Key of Solomon). He is a mighty and powerful King who rules in the East. Bael’s original name was Bel, (and according to some, Bal.) Bel was first known as the most ancient God of the Babylonians. Interesting how gods are denounced by “newer” religions, and always vilified later as “demons”.

Qabalistic Attributions: Bael is associated with the tarot card, The Two of Wands, and the Astrological Planetary attribution of Mars in Aries.

Bael’s Appearance: When properly evoked, Bael will appear in any of several diverse shapes, such as: A Cat, a Toad, or a Man — sometimes he even appears in the shape of all three at the same time! When and if he deems to communicate with the Magician (usually via the Psychic faculty of Clairaudience), his voice will sound hoarse and scratchy.

If you should ever be desirous of evoking Bael, you should wear his Lamen (spirit sigil), before calling upon him, (as with all the Goetia Spirits, in general).

baelBLKPowers of Bael: Bael is primarily known for bestowing the dubious gift of “invisibility”. This can be advantageous in certain circumstances, however the Magician needs to be especially careful. I have personally known Magicians who have suffered accidents due to the fact that they were “invisible” to an on-coming car! Proceed with caution.

Advice to the Magician: Before dealing with Bael (or any spirit possessing the noble title of King), I would suggest you ensure that you’ve already performed quite a few other evocations properly. It’s bad enough to make a mistake when dealing with a less powerful spirit, and the “Big Boys” of the Goetia have reportedly made mincemeat out of many an untrained Magician.

Goetia Magick Classes: If you’d like formal instruction on how to work safely and sanely with the Goetia Spirits, feel free to contact me for further info.

Goetia Magick Spellkits & Store: To safely conjure a Goetia Spirit, you should purchase an authentic Goetia Magick Spellkit. There are 72 kits to choose from (one for each of the 72 Spirits), and each one comes with everything you need to perform a successful evocation, plus detailed instructions. There are three versions to choose from, so contact me for more info.

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  1. Voxx

    Here’s what happens when you hang around Bael: You get interesting information about the power of Invisibility 😉

  2. vince o darkness

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of yhe Law.Nice to see someone working with my people!Love is the law,love under will.

  3. Voxx


    Have you worked with the Goetia at all Vince? If so, make sure to share your story on the Magickal Forum.

  4. Goetian

    The Goetia is a hard and long path and not as simple as cleaving a hen in half at a crossroads at midnight to summon the devil and other such pettiness it is full of discrepancy as to hide the way it works no one book says all the truth you have to read between the lies and many other books to reveal the path having studied the or one of the originals in the british library museum myself for many years some things still remain a mystery and some are best left alone for fear of danger that follows.

  5. Edwin


    Im interested in your doing a spell for me and i paying you for the work.

  6. Raymond

    Is it true that all of the Goetic spirits are free to roam or is it true that they are bound by chains in hell? I read that they were all put in vessels or in jars with water and later they (jars) were discovered and poured the water out and released the spirits?

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