Goetia Spirit of the Day: Phenex

April 2nd, 2007 by Voxx

phoenixwsig.jpgAbout Phenex: Phenex, is the 37th Spirit mentioned in the The Lemegeton, (aka The Lemegeton, and The Lesser Key of Solomon). He is a Great Marquis, under the rulership of Amaymon. Phenex’s name is sometimes spelled as Pheynix, however, Phenex is his traditional Goetic spelling.)

Qabalistic Attributions: Phenex, like Bael, is associated with the tarot card, The Two of Wands, and the Astrological Planetary attribution of Mars in Aries.

Phenex’s Appearance: When properly evoked, Phenex will appear in the shape of the mythical Phoenix bird. When, and if he deems to communicate with the Magician (usually via the Psychic faculty of Clairaudience), his voice will sound like that of a child, oftentimes singing.

If you should ever be desirous of evoking Phenix, you should wear his Lamen (spirit sigil), before calling upon him, (as with all the Goetia Spirits, in general).

Powers of Phenex: Phenex is primarily known for bestowing the gift of understanding all Sciences; he also help the Magician to become an excellent Poet, and other Literary requests. As a very musical spirit, Phenex is able to endow the Magician with a sense of Harmony and Artistry.

Advice to the Magician: Before dealing with Phenex (or any spirit), I would suggest you ensure that you bid Phenix to take human shape, as he is liable to dazzle you with his brilliance. Also, do not allow your focus to waver when He attempts to engage you in clever wordplay, and his continuous child-like songs.

Goetia Magick Classes: If you’d like formal instruction on how to work safely and sanely with the Goetia Spirits, feel free to contact me for further info.

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  1. Voxx


    For all those interested in the Goetia, you might be interested to know that I posted the info about the spirit Phenex as I was burning one of my Phenex Goetia candles. As it was the last day to evoke this spirit under his Zodiacal Degrees of influence, I wanted to post this info in his honor.


  2. Fin Lives

    I think it is interestng that I read the Kill Bill screenplay today. Long live those which return from the dead in the fire and to hell with those which are targeted for deserved revenge.


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