Hymn to Gaia

April 22nd, 2007 by Voxx

In honor of the great Goddess, Gaia — I offer a poem in her honor.


From the depths of Chaos, born
Unexplained, your origin
Bringer of first Earthly morn
Offspring of what has never been

With a consort, Love — his name
A child to fill Eternity
Brought forth Uranus to tame
A cosmos emanating forth from Thee

Creatrix of the Universe
By celestial intercourse
Thus were Earth and Heaven made
From strange start, Foundation laid

Birthing Pontus, her own mate
Cleaving mountains, forests wild
in Lovers’ bliss, Uranian fate
gave life to scores of godly child

Uranus, stung by what he’d wrought
Decided to destroy the life
Of what Gaia’s love begot
He sought to wield Atropos’ knife

Gaia begged the Titans give
Their help that all her children live
Thus, she gave the sickle to
Young Cronos, his own father slew

When Cronos gained his father’s age
Just like his father, he too grew
To despise the young gods, rage
The curse of Uranus came true

Like his father, soon exiled
His sibling gods to Tartarus
In jealous rage, he slew his child
As prophesied by Uranus

Time and again, the father tries
To destroy Gaia’s gift
Casts down the child, who fearfully cries
The one divine love tries to lift

Oh, jealous gods and men beware
Of Gaia, have a care
To respect our earthly home
the only one we’ve ever known

And on this special day give praise
To Her upon whose face you gaze
For ’tis truth, these words I say
One day within her arms we’ll lay

(Voxx Voltair © 2007)

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