Pagan Soldiers Win Pentagram Lawsuit

April 23rd, 2007 by Voxx

pentagram.jpgPentagram Gravemarker Approved: The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (USDVA) has finally approved the symbol of the Pagan Pentacle to be used on the grave markers of soldiers who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

A settlement was reached between the representatives of the community of the Pagan faith and the USDVA, wherein the ancient symbol of the Pentagram was added to the official list of “emblems of belief”.

Wiccan Lawsuit Filed: Noted Wiccan High Priestess, Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary in Barneveld, Wisconsin was listed as a Plaintiff on the lawsuit. Fox and others fought the important legal battle on behalf of eleven US families who have patiently been awaiting for the approval of the markers.

Reverend Barry W. Lynn, Director of Americans for Separation of Church and State, was quoted as saying, “This settlement has forced the Bush Administration into acknowledging that there are no second class religions in America, including among our nation’s veterans.” I couldn’t agree more.

As a result of the success of the lawsuit in favor of the Wiccans, other cases of a similar nature will be soon be resolved as well.

First Amendment Rights: In my opinion, the Pagans have had their First Amendment rights violated by the very government for which they unselfishly gave their lives! At least now, the fallen Pagans who died for freedom have finally merited justice — despite the fact that it had to be fought for in such an unnecessary fashion.

The Symbol of the Pentagram: The symbol of the Pentacle (also commonly called, a Pentagram) is a five-pointed star, which has been used for centuries as a symbol representing the five elements of Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The Pentagram, when used as a symbol of the Satanic faith is typically shown with the top-most point, facing downward. Still, it shouldn’t matter what faith a soldier is, as long as he does his job.

The Pentagon vs. The Pentagram: Remember that many of the founding fathers of the United States were Freemasons, and Metaphysicians. They chose the symbol of the 5-pointed star for the fact that it stood for spiritual balance.

How interesting that our government ultimately decided to pervert the sacred aspect of this ancient holy symbol of the Goddess and use it to personify the energies of War, and everything the Goddess stands against. I suppose it’s okay for the government to use the power of this symbol, but it’s not permissible to be used as a symbol by the very people who live according to the principles of the God and Goddess.

Adding insult to injury, I find it interesting that the engine of War, i.e., The Pentagon is a building constructed in the shape of the interior of a 5-pointed star. In fact, the very word “Pentagon”, means “5-sided”. Talk about hypocrisy!

flag usaStars on the American Flag: No matter what faith you are, as an American citizen you pledge allegiance to the US flag that has always been adorned with 5-pointed stars. I guess we should be glad that nobody has decided to take the stars off the US flag! I hope this gives you all something to think about.

Congratulations and Thanks: I offer congratulations to Ms. Fox, and the families who have won such an important victory — not just for Pagans everywhere, but for people of all faiths. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Wiccan soldiers for sacrificing their lives to protect our great nation. Blessed Be!

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  1. Tuatha De'Aann

    Hopefully, where the US Pagans have led the world’s Pagans will follow. Next stop the UK.
    As a Wiccan and a government worker (Civil Servant) I hope we can follow and adhere to this too.

  2. Mary M. Anderson

    Just wanted to tell you “GOOD JOB”. About time that the pentacle was approved for use on gravestones.

  3. Voxx

    Thanks for the kind words Mary. I’m happy about it too!

  4. Romeo Rothrock

    i am really excited about the pagan gravestones. it not only gave the familes of the fallen the troops peace of mind, but it marked a steping stone for pagans world wide. nest stop US Pagan Chaplins in the military. Blessed be!

  5. H. Flett

    Excellent, my christian friend was astounted that one of the very Reverends’ he listens to was one of people speaking up for pegans.

  6. Maxine Page

    Fantastic news. As we are in the age of diversity the UK Government should follow suit and respect and acknowledge all religions.

    Take note Prime Minister – all votes are important – even from the minority groups.

    Well done on this landmark victory.

    Another Wiccan/Pagan

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