Marriage on 7-7-07: Lucky or Not?

July 8th, 2007 by Voxx

Liber777coverA lot of people have been clamoring over the fact that today is a “magickal day”. I agree merely for the fact that the date mirrors the title of one of my favorite books by Aleister CrowleyLiber 777. Other than that, today’s date only comes around once every new century, so yeah … I can agree on those points.

Chinese Astrology & 777: According to Chinese Astrology, the current Year of the Golden Pig is considered an especially fortuitous time to have children, just as 2006 (the Year of the Rooster) was considered a lucky time to get married.

Astrological Aspects for 7-7-07: Despite all the hoopla surrounding various celebrities (such as Eva Longoria) taking the marital plunge today, I sincerely believe today is NOT a good day to get married, nor take any major risks of any kind. Here are a few Astrological reasons that will explain why I feel this way.

Marrying During Mercury Retrograde: Trust me — don’t do it! There is not a celebrity marriage still around that was begun during this nasty aspect. Many marriages that took place during this aspect are long-gone. The only one that’s still managing to keep going is the marriage of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale (which I doubt will last in the long-run.)

In fact, even announcing your engagement is a bad idea during this aspect (hear that Nelly Furtado?) Anyway, it’s not my wish to disparage anyone’s happiness, far from it. I just wish people would pay more attention to the flow of celestial energies. It would make life so much better for everyone concerned.

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  1. Voxx

    I’m interested to know what kind of day people had on this supposed “magickally” numbered day.


  2. Briar

    My best friend’s sister got married on 7/7/07!

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