New Moon in Cancer

July 15th, 2007 by Voxx

APAS2.gifThe New Moon in Cancer occurred Saturday morning, July 14th, at 5:04 PDT (8:04 EDT). What a wonderful time this should prove to be, especially for Moonchildren, or those with the Moon in Cancer, or favorable lunar aspects in their Astrology Charts.

Although the planet Mercury is finally in direct motion, it has still not reached the degree at which it went retrograde in June, so things may still feel a little unsettled, just try to relax and literally go with the flow.

Cancer, Ruler of the 4th House: Cancer is literally the sign of the Home and Family. Therefore, it’s a good time for tinkering around the house and putting things in order. As the New Moon is in a water sign (Cancer), it’s a good time to cleanse and purify your surroundings. Take a Moon bath and let your mind and spirit soak up all that is around you.

Since the Moon rules the idea of Family, you will no doubt find yourself going to more picnics, reunions, and events that include the whole crew. You may have some emotional run-ins with annoying relatives so just try to take it in stride! I find it interesting that the two major times of the year when we socialize with close family and friends is during the Summer, when the New Moon occurs in Cancer, and also during Christmas (Hannukah), when the Full Moon occurs in Cancer.

In fact, the entire United States of America celebrates as a “family” on the 4th of July (Independence Day), when we celebrate the “birthday” of our country. Everyone gets together and does the usual Cancerian past-time … eating! (No wonder the stomach is ruled by this sign.)

As such, since Cancer is the zodiacal sign ruling the stomach, make sure to feed yourself with positive images, and good healthy food. (Cancer also rules the breasts as well, the physiological symbol for nurturing).

Tarot Card for Moon in Cancer: The 4 of Cups, the Lord of Luxury.

New Moon in Cancer Emotional Trends: For more info as to what to expect during the Moon’s new lunation cycle, register at the Voxx Magickal Forum, and visit the Astrology Section for the New Moon in Cancer post.

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