The Voxx Show: Podcast 33

October 23rd, 2007 by Voxx

s adju 1Greetings All,

I’m finally getting a chance to upload the last several podcasts! I’ll be posting more of them soon.

Astrological Commentary: (Note: The Planetary Info on this Podcast is no longer in effect.)

People In the News: Alberto Gonzalez, Celebrities going to jail.

Caller 1: Anonymous Caller (Libra)
Question: Should she try to salvage a past relationship with an Aquarius?
Tarot Reading: The Magus, 7 of Disks and The Priestess.
The Caller had earlier misinterpreted her own Tarot Reading, as Voxx explains.

Caller Number 2: Kevin (Taurus)
Kevin called Voxx to discuss past Tarot readings, and how to properly interpret the meaning of the Cards in proper context.

Human vs. Computer: Voxx discusses the accuracy of Tarot readings performed by humans, rather than computers.

Tarot Readings for Pets

Tarot Decks: Voxx and Kevin discuss the pros and cons of some Tarot Decks.

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