The Galactic Center of the Universe

October 29th, 2007 by Voxx

astro-galactic-center.jpgPluto is currently conjunct the place in our Galaxy (The Milky Way) known as The Galactic Center. As of yesterday, Pluto was at 26:52 Degrees Sagittarius, thus is activating that particular degree, effecting all life on our planet Earth (Gaia). We recently experienced this aspect on December 29th, 2006, and the last time before that was 248 years ago!

The energy associated with the 26th Degree of Sagittarius being activated will definitely affect us mere mortals. So what, you many wonder. Well, if you happen to have any planet between 24 to 29 Degrees of Sagittarius, you are in for quite a ride, (and not necessarily a smooth one either!) In fact, if you happen to have any planet in your Astrological Birth Chart between those mentioned in any sign, you will feel the energy as well.

Those of you who happen to have planets creating positive astrological aspects with those same degrees will no doubt have a more joyful (yet still, powerfully transformative) time. Case in point, those who have planets in the late degree of the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will be experiencing a Trine effect.

Those born with planets at late degrees (22-29) in any Water or Earth signs may feel more agitated than usual. Of course, those with planets at late degrees of Libra or Aquarius may also have a lessening of their worries. Those born under the sign of Gemini (being the opposite sign of Sagittarius) will, however, have possibly the most difficult time of all, as Sagittarius proves to stir up a whirlwind of chaos in its wake. Of course, the Chaos Magicians in the crowd will enjoy that experience immensely. LOL.

As I mentioned, the last time Pluto made this aspect to The Galactic Center was 248 years ago. You know, the time of the American Revolution, and we all know what a safe, comfy time that was! So get your tri-corner hats out, and buckle up your pilgrim boots, ‘cos this aspect is going to definitely have a major impact on The United States of America, (which is receiving a very unfavorable aspect by this placement, in case you didn’t notice!)

It’s time to wake up and take stock of your position in life — are you going in the most positive direction? If not, expect some trials and tribulations that will force you to change your ship’s direction for a more wonderful destination.

To learn more about this fascinating subject, visit the Galactic Center Links my Magickal Forum or register for an Astrology Class.

[Note: The picture above shows the Galactic Center. The larger red stars are in the constellation of Sagittarius. I’ve illustrated the absolute center with a tiny pink dot so you can see the Galactic Center itself. Picture courtesy of the European Space Observer.]

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