Angelina Jolie: The Golden Twins Are Born!

July 13th, 2008 by Voxx

Saint Angelina Jolie and her godly Pangenitor, Brad Pitt have finally brought forth their Golden Twins (a boy and a girl) into the world! The boy is named Knox Leon and the girl is named Vivienne Marcheline … lovely names.

The twins were born around 10:00 pm, in Nice, France at a local hospital. I have posted their Astrology charts (based upon their approximate birth times) View the Golden Twins Astrocharts here. What I can tell you already is that these lucky babes were born with a remarkable Grand Water Trine (18-20 Degrees of Uranus in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Cancer. Simply put — wow! They will want for nothing in their lives.

Needless to say, two children have never been born with as much potential for beauty, fame and wealth since the days of ancient Egypt. Before their birth, the twins were even officially recognized by the French Government as honorable citizens of Nice, France where they were born.

For now, I’d like to send love, health and continued blessings to Angelina, Brad and their entire family.


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  1. Heather Moon

    Wow!!! I’ve had a feeling about the twins since they were embryonic. What a cool chart… seems like there is A LOT going on here.

    These little babes are gonna rule the planet, but have a positive profound effect on future generations. I’ve actually had that general feeling about all of their children, but these two seemed special…

    I love Angelina also! MY favorite Hollywood role model…. even, and especially, in her crazy younger days.

    XIII ~ I love her evolution… It matches mine in many ways.

    Much Love, Voxx!


  2. Voxx


    Hey Heather,

    Good to see you here my friend. Glad to know I’m not alone in my enjoyment of all things Jolie.


  3. China Doll

    Nice post, you got some good points there – thank you.

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