The Sun in Leo

July 22nd, 2008 by Voxx

The Sun’s movement into the zodiac sign of Leo is the true beginning of Summer, at least as far as I’m concerned. Now is the time when we really feel the power of the sun’s rays, and the build-up of Summer heat. As Leo is a Fire Sign, it’s no wonder that there tends to be an increase in fires at this time of year (although I truly hope that’s not the case this year — still I know better by now!)

The Sun is the source of all life on Earth, and as such lends its intense energy to whatever zodiacal sign it happens to be passing through. The Sun rules the 5th House of the Zodiac, which is governed by the sign of Leo. The 5th House concerns the subjects of Romance, Creativity and Children, as well as Gambling and games of chance.

Those born between the dates of July 22nd through August 21st are born under the sign of Leo, whose zodiacal emblem is the lion. Thus, those who are born during this solar phase bear the “traits of the Lion” as a result. For more info on the Sun and its rulership of Leo, please visit the Voxx Magickal School site. I hope you all enjoy the Season of Fire responsibly.

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