Aleister Crowley: Birthday of the Beast

October 12th, 2008 by Voxx

All hail Crowleymass, for today is the birthday of the most notorious Magus of modern times, Aleister Crowley. It was exactly 133 years ago today that Edward Alexander Crowley was born in Leamington Spa, England.  (See Crowley’s Astrological Chart).

It is also my personal, magickal opinion that Crowley is the singular most important Magician responsible for the explosion interest and practice of Magick and the Occult as we know it today.

Still, there are many who would argue that other figures, such as Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) were better qualified for the title of “Father of Modern Occultism”, but then again — Crowley himself claimed to be a reincarnation of Levi, thus winning by default.  Of course, that is if you even believe in the concept of reincarnation in the first place.

All that notwithstanding, today I wish to thank Crowley for all his hard work and dedication in teaching the ways of the Magus.  He did this by leaving behind a tremendous body of work in the form of his magickal writings and artwork, which include such masterpieces as The Equinox, and The Book of Thoth Tarot.  Still, it was the psychic reception of The Book of the Law, which turned out to be his singularly most important written work.  This book in particular is responsible for bringing awareness to the 93rd Current, a magickal current associated with the dawn of the Age of Horus, the age we are experiencing at this time in history. 

I’ve been reading and studying Crowley’s works since I was a child — being lucky enough to have a mother who was a student of the Occult herself.  In fact, it was my mother who bought me my first Thoth deck back in 1977, knowing it would be a treasure to me for the rest of of my life.  She was right.  In my mind, it is certain that Crowley is responsible for my success in this life, for it was through not only the study, but the application of his ideas and writings that I honed the ability to help and heal others through my work as a Psychic, Astrologer and teacher of the Occult.

Studying Crowley’s works eventually led to my initiation into the Ordo Templi Orientis many years ago, where I’ve been honored to learn and perform Magick with some of the most incredibly talented Magicians on the planet, such as the late Grady McMurtry (Hymaneus Alpha), the late David Paul Wilson (aka S. Jason Black) and Lon DuQuette amongst others.

I have always known that I came to this earth for a purpose, and I am grateful to have discovered it early in this life.  I am here to access the invisible magickal planes and try to bring knowledge, wisdom and understanding to those whose souls have spun into my personal orbit, just as I receive the same gifts in return from them.

With that said, I continue to pay homage to Aleister Crowley, the Man, Mage and Poet.  Despite any and all of his personal flaws as a human, he endeavored to perform the Great Work, famously vowing to, “endure to the end”.  He most certainly did, and his important legacy continues to this day.  Happy 133rd Birthday Aleister.  Long live the Mage!

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  1. Eugene

    I am searching for some ideas to write about in my blog… somehow I came to your blog. I really like it! Best of luck, Eugene

  2. Gordon

    Does anyone know if Grady L McMurtry is the father of this person?

    Dr Grady McMurtry

    It seems possible, but if so, its an interesting juxtaposition.

  3. Ron Klett

    Crowley, I feel was misunderstood and still is misunderstood by many. Deemed as just a mere “satanist” by some and a genius by others, I feel Crowley used theurgey to break down the walls of his own psychological conditioning as well as helping others challenge their own condtioned states .Crowley used various psychological tools to break down the tunnel vision of those conditioned states in the performance of the Great Work.Be it through the use of the Goetia rituals, drugs, yoga practices or the Enochian workings, Crowley was akin to that of a physician, prescribing the correct medicine at the time which served a specific need. It was merely the use of that medicine(theurgic tools) Crowley felt was the way to find the True Will. We as magicians and people of the media who tend to judge the man by his methods, need to remember that tools are just that, tools to be use as aids in the end result, not the end result itself. Hail Unto Crowley, their are many who understand your methods and the reasoning.

  4. Jason

    … sure, the Truth is out there, but if ya want it, you’re gonna have to find it– best of luck.

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