Psychic Prediction: President Barack Obama!

November 4th, 2008 by Voxx

President Obama © Shepard Fairey
Greetings All,

It’s time again to publish my Official Psychic Prediction naming whom I believe will win the 2008 Presidential Election.

This prediction is very important to me, since it is this particular prediction which first brought me to public awareness back in the early 1990’s. In 1991, I was filmed by NBC TV (Los Angeles) to offer my prediction as to who would be the next President of the USA. I shocked the interviewer when I predicted (accurately) that Bill Clinton would become the next President, and would serve for two terms. This prediction was made before Clinton was hardly a blip on the national political scene. Needless to say, we all know how that election turned out.

So, without further adieu — I present my prediction.

The new President of the United States of America is …


Click the following link for details on the in-depth Presidential Tarot Reading that accompanied my Psychic Prediction.

Suffice it to say that the final card I drew on this momentous election was none other than the 9 of Cups — the card of Happiness!

Congratulations President Obama! I’m glad to be the first Psychic to welcome you to your new office of President of the United States of America! May you serve our country with Health, Wisdom and Joy.

03 Nov 2008 11:18 pm PDT

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  1. Stephanie

    Hey Voxx! I did a card reading on Obama yesterday and drew the Fool and to clarify I drew another card and pulled 6 of Wands!

  2. Heather Moon

    Hi Voxx!

    Yay, I’m so glad you graced us with your presence and this prediction! I agree 113%… I had a “vision” if you will, last night, and I KNEW Obama was going to win. Regardless, I went ahead and voted for him in a Catholic church on a fancy new machine with a paper printout! I was very surprised to see a few very young elections officials, which is inspiring when you think about the area I reside in.

    Change is here… Now! ;p

    Much Love, Many Blessings, 93~
    Heather Moon

  3. Welcome President Obama: As I Predicted! | The Voxx Show

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  4. Margaret


    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada….late in November/2005 I was over at my Father’s apt. cleaning it up for him. At the time I did not have cable at my own place so I was totally out of sync with the political scene. Obama came on CNN and I immediately looked at him and KNEW he was going to be the next President of the United States. I asked my Father him name and he didn’t know what it was…after a few days I finally found out his name. I told a lot of people about Obama and him being the President in the 2008 election. I have had premonitions my whole life (I am now 56). The 3 top psychics of the world did not know Diana was going to die and I knew 2 yrs. before her accident that she was going to die and actually told a friend from Britain. I also had another premoniton when she was comforting Elton John at Versace’s funeral. On the Wed. before she died I could actually hear the whole world crying and felt like I was going to collapse. I always know when friends, family members, co-workers etc. are going to die…will know neighbours are going to sell their homes, will know when friends, family members are pregnant etc. I was given an incredible gift from God…Bless you all!

  5. Mike

    During hurricane Katrina, I saw Obama on TV for the first time. Something came over me and told me that he will be the next president. It actually was not a good feeling about him. Obama is everything to everyone, he will deceive the world and has the power to do so. As a result of him being president hundreds of millions of people will perish before his 3rd year in office. Most people will not make the connection because they are too stupid.

  6. Starr67

    My Prophetic Dream
    Yesterday at 6:51pm | Edit Note | Delete
    I recently had a dream which I believe is prophetic. Here it is.

    In the dream there is a Surgeon, who represents God, a man, and me. However this dream is not about me. it is about our nation.

    In the dream I am lying on a table about to have surgery to have my appendix removed. The surgeon is instructing the man on how to do the surgery. The man begins by using an instrument that looks like a latch-hook. The man uses this instrument to latch on to the appendix and pulls it through an incision in my abdomen. I look down to look at the appendix, it is a red cone shaped object which protrudes from the intestines. The man takes a pair of scissors and cuts it off, but to my surprise it grows back. The man cuts it off… again it grows back. The man, for the third time, cuts it off, but this time it did not grow back….however, a worm began to rise up from the same hole the appendix came from. I looked down, and as I begin to look all these worms began to pop up from the remaining my intestines. I ask the surgeon,” What can I do”? He said, ” Take this medicine”. So I took the medicine cup he gave me. It was filled to the brim with a red liquid. It was thick like blood. As I began to take a closer look I saw shredded fibers of what look like straw or hay. And then I woke up.

    **Please note I have no violent tendency and I wish for no harm to come to anyone.

    Interpretation :

    The surgeon in this dream is God. The man is someone who is instructed by God to perform the surgery. The appendix is the president of the United States.

    I believe there will be three attempts to remove the president from office, The third attempt will be successful, but our country will suffer a revolution like no other it has seen since the first American Revolution.

    This not the first time I have had such dreams. 15 Years ago I dreamed that America had a revolution, We were victorious, The White House crumbed, but the flag was still standing on top of the rubble.

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