Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain: We Still Miss You

February 21st, 2009 by Voxx

Manic Expressive, Copyright Voxx.Org 2009Today marks what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 42nd Birthday. It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost been 15 years since Kurt died, so tragically young at the age of 27.

I’ve been working on interpreting Kurt’s Astrology Chart, delving into the mystery as to what was really behind his suicide — if in fact, it was, one. It’s definitely a bizarre chart, full of hope, promise and even offers insight into his seemingly, unavoidable crash-and-burn.

Kurt never was one to burn out OR fade away. Instead, he chose to go out like the wild human Supernova he truly was. Still, his fiery ghostlight echoes, reaching the furthermost edges of our Messyverse — reminding the most distant of aliens, that once upon a time, there lived a beautiful yellow giant star named Kurt. May his light always shine for eyes to see, even when those eyes are blind with tears.

LVX and PAX,

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5 Responses

  1. Voxx

    Love you Kurt. I remember bumping into you one night, right after Nirvana were becoming well-known. You were sitting on the dirty sidewalk in front of the Roxy in Hollywood. Our eyes met for a few moments. I wanted to say something to you, but you seemed pretty annoyed. After watching “About a Son”, I heard you say how people always thought you were in a bad mood. Now, I wish I’d said hello.


  2. Chaeya

    Funny how we have those “wish I hadda” moments. I’ve had a number of those and now those people are no longer here to “fix” that moment.

  3. Ounnix

    Thank you for such a beautiful post Voxx.

    *Live Love*

    – Ounnix

  4. TillTuesday

    Yea, you should never have listened to that song Kurt! We miss you! A lot!

  5. AJ..miss dat 28th.. :(((

    man..i..i… just dont know what to say.. R.I.P..just that only i’m speechless :((( miss you kurt.. why did you go and where did you go…!! ??

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