Jack Parsons: Darkside of the Moon

June 17th, 2009 by Voxx

BelarionToday, Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 5:08 pm PDT, marks the exact time of the 57th Anniversary of Jack Parsons‘ tragic death.  Parsons, (born, Marvel Whiteside Parsons, and also known as John), was a brilliant scientist who was one of the main founders of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (affectionately known as “Jack Parsons Laboratories, by Parsons fans).

Jack was the inventor of solid rocket fuel, which was the single most important contribution to the Moon missions, for without Jack’s contribution, there never would have been a man on the moon (at least not within the time frame, it was achieved). For his contributions to the field of space exploration, Jack was given the honor of having not one, but two craters on the moon, named for him (albeit, both are on the dark side of the moon … amazingly appropriate.) Read about Parsons’ craters here.

Despite enough intelligence to have garnered him lasting fame for his contributions in the field of science and chemistry, it was Parsons’ secondary interest and practice of the Magick of Aleister Crowley, that has since overshadowed his more worldly legacy.

In 1939, at the young age of 26, Parsons was introduced, by Wilfrid T. Smith, to the magickal philosophy of Aleister Crowley, the head of the organization known as, the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Parsons life took a strange turn when he undertook a ritual he named,The Babalon Working, wherein he performed an intense Enochian Ritual, specifically designed to manifest an earthly incarnation of the Thelemic primal goddess, “Babalon.”

Much has been written about this extraordinary ritual, and its shocking, seemingly tragic outcome, in the form of two books, “Sex and Rockets“, and “Strange Angel“. (Purchase these books, via links listed below).

I have created several Astrological Charts regarding the highlights of Parsons’ fascinating life, which are available upon request, to serious Magicians, and those interested in the Jack’s magickal career.

In honor of Jack’s memory, there is a group on Facebook, dedicated to this amazingly talented man.

There is also a collector’s edition, Jack Parsons’ Memorial T-Shirt, available here.

Jack Parsons – Wikipedia Entry

Books about Jack Parsons: (Buy them by clicking below, and support this site!)

Love and Rockets

Strange Angel

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  1. Voxx


    Jack — wherever you are, this post was published EXACTLY at the moment you died. You continue to be loved, and are greatly missed. May you have accomplished your True Will.


  2. Ani

    Thanks for sharing your respects with us, Voxx.

  3. Ani

    Hey, could I see those charts of times in Parsons’ life? Me like more astrology. Big clock go. How are you? –ani@lilytears.com

  4. Ani

    Oh shoot. Could u make that last comment from me private so I don’t get even more spam to that email addy? (Sorry, I figured u might moderate that 1 to stay private.)

  5. Ani

    Hey, now my comments are appearing instantly. This is like instant-messaging myself. “Hey, handsome.” 😛 Okay, seeya. Prop’s to Jack.

  6. Fra.'. TSO

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have to admit that he is someone I haven’t looked into as deeply as I should. I have plans to undertake a series of Enochian Operations myself here in the not too distant future and I would like to read up on his experiences.

    Konx Om Pax!

  7. Voxx


    Hi TSO,

    He’s one of my magickal idols (that’s how I roll!) I’ll add some of his books onto my Book Club (on the right margin of my site), and you should buy them from Amazon. It helps support my site!

    Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from you dear friend.


  8. Voxx



    Sorry for the delay — I’ll try to get Jack’s Chart up asap.


  9. Shiva

    Great to see other people holding the candle for Jack. He tops my list of people I’d most like to party with! I made a film called BABALON Rising which is dedicated to him and Cameron which you can find at http://houseofecstasy.com


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