In This, My Time of Passing: Poem for Lorraine

January 31st, 2010 by Voxx

In this, my time of passing
I leave you, not in tears
But, with a heart of joy, amassing
Memories of years

How dear was life when living
How full the days that passed
God’s gift was in the giving
and my blesséd role was cast

He chose you all to be my friends
and loving family
Some times were sweet,
Some saddened ends
Still, all were gifts to me

Devoted mother, loving wife
A sister, friend and guide
A woman faced with challenge, rife
With faith, did i abide

I treasured every single day
I loved you all, each one
I worked at living in God’s way
The way great souls have done

I gave my all, best as i could
I aided those in need
And in my heart, i understood
the value of each deed

I loved without condition
I loved beyond all bound
Because it was my mission
to share the joy I’d found

I lived life fully, every day
God granted every prayer
Believe me, when i say
it was a privilege to share

My days of living life with you
Who hear my words right now
Oh, yes this angel in your view
Will keep a holy vow

To guide and keep you
in your ways
For now I live above
And as you live thru all your days
I’ll bless you with my love

Yes, there is rest and peace
Dear ones
In heaven, my new home
And after pain, there is release
After life’s work is done

Until that day, so far away
Remember I was here
Please keep me in your memory
As i will keep yours, dear

My earthly life now closes,
With all trials faced and won
Now, I live in yellow roses
and wide blue skies filled with sun

So everytime you look above
And see the sun shine thru
Please know I’m sending all my love
And shining down on you

By Voxx Voltair © 2010

(Written through the divine inspiration of Lorraine Powers Jones)

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4 Responses

  1. Voxx

    This poem was written tonight as I meditated on the lovely life of Lorraine Jones, my mother’s best friend. (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo). How fitting that this woman as bright as the Sun will be memorialized on a Sunday. I love you Lorraine, may you rest in peace, knowing how much you are loved. xo ~Voxx~

  2. Voxx

    Note: The Astrological Commentary refers to the Sun/Moon placement at the time the poem was written. Lorraine herself was one of the most noble Virgoans I’ve ever encountered. A lovely, powerful lady of deep spiritual conviction and tremendous generosity. ~V~

  3. T. (Chartom)

    Virgo and The Sun give me some inspiration here…

    While she was living among us as a Virgo lady, she was “the fist” who held a lantern giving light to people around her.

    Now she is in heaven and she is the light itself now, “the head” of her beloved ones here on our earth.

    May she rest in peace and light.

  4. Jane

    Voxx! Had a reading with you a few years ago. This is just beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to your friend. You should publish it and make money…..

    Love and light.


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