Mercury Enters Scorpio 11-5-21

November 5th, 2021 by Voxx

4C8A619D-17A6-4E75-A3F6-69F661E0B16FWith the Sun, and Mars already well-into Scorpio, Mercury joins in the fray and really gets this wild party started! Sensual thoughts… mysterious attractions are the order of the day. You will finally solve a few of your life’s most baffling situations, now that your intuition is getting ignited by this powerhouse of planets.j

But, beware may fair Taureans! These planetary movements are liable to shatter your lovely illusions about what’s really been going on. It’s okay though — better times, and better people await! Let the Scorpio strength give you the courage to accomplish your dreams now. Everything is possible! ~V~

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