The Numerology of the Year 2007

January 21st, 2007 by Voxx

s magusThe New Year 2007 equals a 9 and will therefore, will be an important cycle for most people to pay attention to, especially if you are born under the influence of the Number 1 or 2 (which will be explained below). Here’s a handy guideline of what energies you will be dealing with most during the upcoming year.

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Number 9 years are particularly interesting as adding that number to any number from 1 through 9 winds up equaling the same number.

For example, if you’re a Number 1 Path, and you add 9, you get 10 (which reduces back down to the number 1 again!) Therefore, all of us will tend to really be in our own element this year; that is, except for those born under the influence of Number 2. 2’s will experience an 11 year, which will certainly prove to be a high point in their lives.  Check here for more on Keywords of the Numbers and Planets.

To find out what kind of year is in store for you, keep reading!

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