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June 11th, 2007 by Voxx

TIPHERETH-HOUSE-LOGO-BEST.jpgI’ve been working non-stop on moving my magickal home, Tiphereth House to a new place for the last couple of weeks, thus I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. I plan on doing another episode of The Voxx Show later tonight, so definitely tune in and call with your questions.

I’ll be getting back to returning some phone calls, letters and forum posts this week, so thanks for your patience.

There will be a few surprise guests who will be appearing on the show with me soon, so I’m looking forward to that.

Life at the new house is already so rewarding. Lots of trees, flowers, nature, and best of all peace and quiet (at least as much as a person can hope for in the middle of Hollywood. I’m living in Beachwood Canyon, a bit in the hills. It’s been so strange to drive for groceries looking straight at the Hollywood sign.

You know it’s funny … when I was a little girl, I always knew I’d live in Hollywood, close to the Hollywood sign although it never happened until now. Soon, I’ll take some pix and post them after I get settled. You are just not going to believe how magickal this place is. I hope that all my friends will benefit from my stories when I explain how truly simple real Magick is.

Remember what the Greek Goddess Nike said … “Just do it!” Over and out for now.

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Bael: Goetia Spirit of the Week

March 24th, 2007 by Voxx

Baal best picAbout Bael: Bael, is the first Principal Spirit mentioned in the The Lemegeton, (aka The Lemegeton, and The Lesser Key of Solomon). He is a mighty and powerful King who rules in the East. Bael’s original name was Bel, (and according to some, Bal.) Bel was first known as the most ancient God of the Babylonians. Interesting how gods are denounced by “newer” religions, and always vilified later as “demons”.

Qabalistic Attributions: Bael is associated with the tarot card, The Two of Wands, and the Astrological Planetary attribution of Mars in Aries.

Bael’s Appearance: When properly evoked, Bael will appear in any of several diverse shapes, such as: A Cat, a Toad, or a Man — sometimes he even appears in the shape of all three at the same time! When and if he deems to communicate with the Magician (usually via the Psychic faculty of Clairaudience), his voice will sound hoarse and scratchy.

If you should ever be desirous of evoking Bael, you should wear his Lamen (spirit sigil), before calling upon him, (as with all the Goetia Spirits, in general).

baelBLKPowers of Bael: Bael is primarily known for bestowing the dubious gift of “invisibility”. This can be advantageous in certain circumstances, however the Magician needs to be especially careful. I have personally known Magicians who have suffered accidents due to the fact that they were “invisible” to an on-coming car! Proceed with caution.

Advice to the Magician: Before dealing with Bael (or any spirit possessing the noble title of King), I would suggest you ensure that you’ve already performed quite a few other evocations properly. It’s bad enough to make a mistake when dealing with a less powerful spirit, and the “Big Boys” of the Goetia have reportedly made mincemeat out of many an untrained Magician.

Goetia Magick Classes: If you’d like formal instruction on how to work safely and sanely with the Goetia Spirits, feel free to contact me for further info.

Goetia Magick Spellkits & Store: To safely conjure a Goetia Spirit, you should purchase an authentic Goetia Magick Spellkit. There are 72 kits to choose from (one for each of the 72 Spirits), and each one comes with everything you need to perform a successful evocation, plus detailed instructions. There are three versions to choose from, so contact me for more info.

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The Voxx Show: Free Psychic Readings at 9PM (PST)

March 20th, 2007 by Voxx

Remember to tune in tonight, Monday night at 9:00 pm (PST) for: The Voxx Show!

I host a live, call-in Psychic internet radio show where I give free Psychic Readings, sharing lots of interesting info on a variety of subjects regarding Magick, and occasionally feature Special Guests.

Subjects I regularly talk about are Thelema, Witchcraft, Rituals, Goetia (Spirit Evocation), Angels, Astrology, Qabalah — you name it!

To Listen Live @ 9PM, Click Here!

Special Guests: If you’d like to be considered as a Special Guest on the show, let me know your background and what special topics you are experienced in.

Voxx Show Sponsorships: If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this increasingly popular show, please contact me for more info.

Call me directly during the show and ask a question at: 323-284-5166

OR Skype me by my Username: voxxpodcast

If you miss the Live Broadcast, you can always check it out later on my, Archived Podcasts.

Until then, go ahead and register on the Voxx Magick Forum, and start posting, see you there!

Please tell your friends about the show!

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Britney Spears Predicts Her Own Downfall!

February 21st, 2007 by Voxx

britneycrystalballAccording to news reports, reporter Chris Nashawaty, of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, recently remembered a bizarre interview he had with Britney merely five years ago.

When he asked Britney to describe her own possible future downfall, she made a startling psychic prediction of her own:

According to Nashawaty: “I asked her to imagine how her charmed life could go wrong. At the time, she had Number 1 records, fame, millions of dollars in the bank, and Justin. What would happen if, 10 years from now, they decided to make a VH1 Behind the Music episode about her? What would the detours and missteps have been? How would she have fallen from grace?

Britney looked at me like I was insane.

”Oh… my… God!”
After thinking it over for a minute, she unspooled the Britney crash-and-burn.

Britney’s Prediction of Her Future Downfall: ”First, the worst thing that could happen is if my boyfriend would break up with me. I would be totally devastated,” she said. ”And then, after the depression, maybe I did some dorky movies that were just bombs. Then… I don’t know, maybe I did another album that didn’t do very well. And then, I went back to working at my granny’s deli — back to rolling quarters and boiling crawfish and smelling like fish on my dates.”

Voxx Comment: Thus, spaketh Britney. I couldn’t have predicted it any better myself, sad to say. Here’s hoping there’s a better ending to Brit’s current story, but frankly — after checking out of rehab twice in one week, (after less than a 24-hour stay in each facility) does not bode well for the former pop princess.

As K-Fed has learned, “Life comes at you fast!”

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Holy Guardian Angel: A Simplified Ritual for Contact

January 12th, 2007 by Voxx

s art 1I was recently contacted on my new Magickal Forum by a young man who was interested in obtaining the name of his Holy Guardian Angel (in magickal circles usually abbreviated as the HGA).

There are numerous methods for contacting the HGA, some of which involve years of Qabalistic study and occult scholarship, such as the famed ritual of the ancient Mage, Abramelin, which promises the Magician the “Knowledge and Conversation” of ones Holy Guardian Angel. This method necessitates the seeker isolate himself for a period of 6 months to one year, in constant prayer along with a series of prolonged and detailed rituals.

It stands to reason that most students of the Western Magickal tradition hardly have the time, nor funds to perform such a lengthy magickal operation. After all, us modern mystics have to hold down jobs and deal with the mundane necessities of the modern world. So what’s a fledgling Magician to do? I decided to offer a solution by sharing a simple, but effective Holy Guardian Angel Ritual!

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